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Yubá Restaurant in Malaga Participates in the 1st “Tapeando con La Aloreña” Gastronomic Days

Yubá restaurant in Malaga gives great importance to the local gastronomy. From June 12th to June 23rd, thanks to the initiative of entities such as Sabor a Malaga or MAHOS (Malaga Hoteliers Association), you will be delighted by the flavour of the best typical products from Álora thanks to the gastronomic event “Tapeando con la Aloreña”.  Our innovative Yubá restaurant will take part on this event, as it could not be otherwise. Would you like to try the reinvention of a gastronomic delicacy that comes from the very heart of the province?

Yubá Restaurant in Malaga: The Flavour of a Gastronomic Presentation

At our restaurant Yubá in Malaga we always pay attention to the smallest detail. Proof of that is the delicious combination of flavours and products that make up our proposal for the “Tapeando con la Aloreña” event. Among the wide variety of restaurants in Malaga that were taken into account and collaborate in this gastronomic event, El Pimpi has been chosen by MAHOS, Sabor a Málaga and the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Aceituna Aloreña de Málaga to host the presentation of this event and part of the local gastronomy.

During the presentation at this restaurant in Malaga, the focus will be set on one of the most typical and representative products of the area: the Aloreña olive, a delicacy awarded with the Organic Food Iberia and considered an authentic gourmet olive. For this reason, at our restaurant Yubá we wanted to pay tribute by preparing an innovative and delicious dish for the event. How does a Smoked bonito tartar and explosive Aloreña sounds to you? The olive dressing is contained in a small spherification of a soft green colour. Together with the delicate flavour of the smoked bonito, this dish will make you discover infinite textures and flavours with one mouthful.

Yubá: A Restaurant in Malaga Committed to Gastronomic Culture

One of our goals at Yubá restaurant is to promote the exclusive gastronomic variety of our land while introducing innovative and exotic twists and turns. That is why we do not hesitate to participate and organize all kinds of events that make recipes and local products visible, with our own Yubá touch. The gastronomic event “Tapeando con la Aloreña” is an excellent opportunity to discover the nature of our gastronomy, as well as its origin.

Come and try one of the most succulent flavours in the province without losing a bit of this olive’s authentic flavour. From June 12th to June 23, discover the taste of Álora without leaving our restaurant Yubá in Málaga. Call us at (+34) 951 90 29 85 or send us an email to and book a very special place for this event.

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