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Christmas Dinner 2023 at Bendito Restaurant and Gastronomic Experiences at Yubá Experience

Christmas dinners 2023 have arrived at Malaga Premium Hotel! Once again, we look forward to welcoming the most festive season of the year with the best flavour. After all these years, we know that Christmas means for you to share gastronomy, cocktails, and laughter with your loved ones and colleagues.

With a renowned restaurant, a dining experience space that awakens the senses, and a terrace with panoramic views, we have prepared a series of special menus and meeting options that will leave you unforgettable memories.

Prepare your Christmas celebrations and meetings with company friends in style with the most premium options. Are you curious about it?

Christmas Dinner 2023 at Bendito Restaurant

Have you ever visited Bendito to celebrate your Christmas lunch or company dinner? Don’t wait any longer and book your place for this experience in 2023. Three menu options for every taste await you at our Malaga restaurant. Joy and Christmas flavours are guaranteed.

Snowflake, Mistletoe, and Christmas Lights are the festive names of these three delicious menus for your Christmas lunch 2023. Each menu is unique and special, but they have three dishes to share, one main to choose between meat or fish, and dessert. Of course, you can also enjoy a tailor-made pairing to make your meetings with friends, family, and colleagues a success, up to the most refined palates.

Now you can spend all the time you want to consider all our dishes options from the Bendito restaurant thoroughly. But we anticipate that on the menu, you can find delicacies such as Yellow monkfish croquettes with almond and Padron pepper aioli, Roasted corvina on mushrooms and bulgur with dates and baharat, Grilled Iberian boneless flank on onions and potatoes and fried almond guasacaca or Fresh lettuce salad from Coín, peppery chicken, dried tomato, goat cheese and hazelnut dressing.

As you can see, a show of culinary skill for every taste, but, above all, with all the flavour of Bendito.

Those with a sweet tooth can feast with desserts such as Coffee cake, dark chocolate foam, vanilla ice cream, or Baked cottage cheese cake with chantilly and braised strawberries. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert! We know it can be difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Unforgettable Company Dinners in 2023 at Malaga Premium Hotel

At Bendito, we are committed to making your experience on these special dates a cherished memory. That is why we are not content to offer you a menu (even though it is complete). For an event to be truly memorable, we must always be one step ahead.

Bendito offers a versatile, open, and cosy space to fulfill this idea. A careful decoration that will make you feel at home, with all the comforts of a renowned restaurant and an experienced kitchen and living room staff.


Do you want more? Add a welcome drink to your Christmas lunch this 2023, and let the conversation flow as you toast. Is dessert not enough for you? Relax, the menu includes Christmas candy. Do you visit us with your company colleagues? Have you prepared a surprise for your family? You can count on our fully equipped meeting room and all the necessary audiovisual material. And, if you know that the party will continue beyond the meal, you can hire our open bar service or go up to our top floor and enjoy our exclusive and renowned Christmas cocktails at La Terraza de San Juan. Still need more? Don’t hesitate to call us, tell us what you have in mind, and let us do our magic to make it real.

Ready for an Exclusive Gastronomic Experience at Christmas?

Well, of course! Our gastronomy experience space, Yubá Experience, also awaits you at Christmas. Surprise your closest family and friends with a unique, intimate taste and sensory experience. The cosiest environment to enjoy the best signature cuisine, also on the most endearing dates of the year.

This time, our chef, Mario Rosado, devised a menu of 13 courses. As you may know, these meetings can be enjoyed in small groups of between 8 and 10 people. Avoid distractions, escape the mundane noise, and focus on the senses and conversations with your loved ones.

Can you think of a better place to enjoy a Christmas dinner this 2023? Neither do we! And, of course, you can also choose your favourite pairing to accompany these delicious and exotic dishes. Don’t hesitate, these Premium gastronomic experiences are the perfect Christmas gift.

Book Your Christmas Lunch and Dinner at Malaga Premium Hotel!

Have you made up your mind yet? Do you still need to choose the menu you like the most? Don’t worry, there’s still time to book your table for the next Christmas lunch in 2023.

Call at 952 063 802 or send us an email to to make your reservation. You must inform us at least five days in advance and confirm the final number of guests 72 hours in advance. You can also take advantage of your call or message to explain everything you have in mind to celebrate your Christmas dinner in style: screens, special menus for intolerances, welcome cocktail, open bar, special requests…

Once again, at Grupo Premium, we look forward to celebrating Christmas with you. We will be waiting for you!

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