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  Yubá Experience

At Yubá Experience, you will find a foodie experience venue quite different in the very centre of Málaga. An exclusive and evocative place for 10 people that will discover you flavours from the world with the essence of Málaga. Life is made of experiences, and this offered by Yubá cannnot be missed.



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Yubá Experience Is Like a Journey: You Will Come Back Different From a Unique Dining Experience

Our cuisine digs into Malaga’s deepest roots, our history and our peoples. We take pride in the local product and work to get the best out of it and extract all its flavour. Besides, we also adopt aromas and techniques from other cultures. Of course, without losing the essence. Yubá Experience is not fusion cuisine. It is the melting pot of cultures that has always been our city: a land open to exploring and embracing everyone who arrives. That’s why Yubá is now the place for different dining experiences.

PETIT COMITÉ – For the Ultimate Dining Experience

If you want to enjoy Yubá Experience in another way, we open our space once a month to bookings from those passionate about innovative cuisine who understand that such a dining experience must be shared. Of course, in petit comité. Therefore, they will do it with up to a maximum of 10 people, until the table is fully booked. Authentic strangers who, after the Yubá experience, will discover connections beyond gastronomy. To book, just fill in the form and indicate which date of the Petit Comité experience you are interested in.

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***Open every Saturday at 8pm since 17/02/2024. Please notice that is mandatory to book in advance***

Do You Want to Turn Your World Around? Then, you have come to the right place…

To begin this journey, you must fill out the form below. You will receive a confirmation email. Within 48 hours, our team will reach out with more details about the experience (without spoilers).

But, remember, like any trip, you have to plan ahead. The minimum booking period in Yubá Experience is 5 days from the confirmation of the booking. The payment of the booking is compulsory for confirmation. In case of cancellation or No Show, there will be no refund.

Keep in mind that the Yubá dining experience – Petit Comité lasts about 3h approximately. Now choose your date and pack your bags as this unique trip is about to start.

The journey begins

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