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La Terraza deSan Juan

La Terraza de San Juan will become one of your favourite terraces in Malaga and will captivate you with its chilled atmosphere and its magical views over the city.

Malaga’s terraces have become the fashionable place par excellence for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in good company. The terrace of our boutique hotel Malaga Premium Hotel is one of the best in Malaga, offering a great chilled atmosphere with wonderful views of the legendary tower of the Church of San Juan, our Cathedral and of the mountains surrounding Malaga, the typical enclaves of Malaga which not all Malaga’s terraces have the privilege of looking over.

La Terraza de San Juan is located on the fifth and top floor of our boutique hotel in Malaga city centre, where you can enjoy a coffee, milkshake or beer, as well as delicious cocktails from our special menu, prepared by professional bartenders who will entertain you with their incredible acrobatics as they make them. Don’t forget that it is also available for the organization of events, a total luxury!

Opening times
Sunday to Wednesday from 15:00 to 00H. And Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 15:00 to 02:00AM.

Come and get to know our designer terrace and let yourself be surprised!

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La Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San JuanLa Terraza de San Juan