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Gastronomic Tour in Malaga with Grupo Premium: The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience

Do you fancy a gastronomic tour in Malaga? Looking for a new way to discover the city? Those in love with gastronomy are in luck: Grupo Premium has four restaurants in downtown Malaga. Each of the Grupo Premium restaurants has a unique and distinctive concept, but they also share the most important things: a passion for product quality, technique and service. Do you want to discover Malaga bite by bite?

Yubá Experience – The New Gastronomic Experience in Malaga

Have you visited Yubá Experience yet? Well, it should be part of your gastronomic tour in Malaga. It is the latest of Grupo Premium innovations and will become the place of reference for any lover of good cuisine. A unique experience for Premium diners. In 2022 Yubá has become a sensory capsule in which small groups can enjoy a gastronomic offer that combines local dishes with exotic techniques and flavours. An intimate and evocative way to enjoy the tasty pleasures that are prepared in the kitchen commanded by Mario Rosado.

If you also want to take your gastronomic route to the next level, you should not miss the Petit Comité events. An experience reserved for 10 guests who will share a table and a surprise menu. A journey of flavours that will not leave anyone indifferent. When you book your table, you will only have small clues about what awaits you on the big day and… Let yourself be carried away by your senses. Our chef and guide will accompany you with details on products, techniques, inspirations… A unique gastronomic experience in the first gastronomic hotel in Malaga. Won’t you say this is a great place to eat in Malaga? But Premium restaurants have something for every occasion.

Bendito – A Gastronomic Tour with Local Products

Our gastronomic tour in Malaga continues with Bendito. The second restaurant at our gastronomic hotel Malaga Premium Hotel, lets you delight yourself with market products in an enviable environment. At street level, under the historic San Juan tower.

Bendito’s cosmopolitan and modern atmosphere perfectly accompanies its gastronomic offer. Just look at the menu and you will see how the cuisine and local products have special prominence. Of course, Bendito does not leave aside its most innovative and fusion facet. 63° eggs, lime mayonnaise, chicken pibil or the Vietna crunchy rolls, are just a sample of this fusion cuisine with proximity products that have already made many locals fall in love.

But remember, the day starts very early at Bendito. With our breakfasts, you can recharge your batteries for an entire day of urban exploration without neglecting the quality of a kitchen in a hotel restaurant. What’s it gonna be? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? EVERYTHING?! We’re waiting for you with the table set.

Batik – New Menu with Seasonal Products

A few steps away from our hotel, the gastronomic tour through Malaga continues in a space with a lot of history. From the building that houses it, to the surroundings, with the Roman theatre and the Alcazaba, in Batik you can observe and make stories. The ideal place for a celebration, an anniversary or a special dinner. All this in a carefully designed environment and with gastronomy that takes the senses away.

In addition, Batik reinvents its menu with the seasons and presents new dishes. A perfect excuse to visit it from time to time since… “what if they have something new?” More importantly, they have something you’ll love.

In his last menu for summer 2022, Batik proposes refreshing dishes with seasonal products, of course. Starters to share, international cuisine, delicious desserts and, the protagonist of the summer, dishes with tomato that will rediscover this kitchen staple.

To round off your visit to Batik, you can admire the monuments that surround it from its cosy terrace and pair your dishes with the wide range of its winery. What a Premium plan! But if you don’t like wine and because you are “more of a beer person”, Grupo Premium has something for you too.

La Fábrica – Urban Food with Unique Beer Pairings

Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica restaurant is Grupo Premium’s most urban and local proposal. In the large spaces of the restaurant you can taste unique beers made on site, to the rhythm of live music and with succulent meat, fish or, why not, with tapas at the bar.

The menu at La Fabrica’s restaurant culminates this gastronomic tour through Malaga with an offer of Street-food that is hard to match. Meats, burgers, snacks, salads and even desserts are paired with Soho beers. But if you are in a hurry, you are just regaining your strength or you are not very hungry, the tapas’ menu will impress even the most demanding diners and… yes, you have guessed it, all the tapas pair perfectly with any of the beers made in the facilities.

Grupo Premium Rooftop Bars – The Pinnacle of Any Gastronomic Tour in Malaga

After touring the city from here to there, having breakfast in Bendito, tapas in La Fábrica, lunch in Batik and dinner in Yubá Experience… The perfect ending for this unforgettable gastronomic tour through Malaga is one of the Premium Group rooftop bars.

Each has its personality and atmosphere, but what is certain is that a rooftop-ing plan by Grupo Premium is a unique experience. Top-notch cocktails, privileged views and service only up to our customers: the most Premium. From the veteran Terraza de la Alcazaba, on the top floor of the Hotel Alcazaba Premium; to the latest addition, La Terraza de San Telmo, in the Apartamentos Málaga Premium building; passing through La Terraza del Quizás and La Terraza de San Juan, the range of Grupo Premium rooftop terraces is as wide and varied as that of restaurants.

Enjoy a cocktail, your private parties, local parties, and exclusive Grupo Premium events. You can see that at Hotel Malaga Premium and with Premium Group in general we take gastronomy very seriously and we want you to enjoy these unique experiences with us. Come on up!

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