Club de la gente Premium

What our guests say

Have a look at the comments of some of the most famous guests that have stayed at Malaga Premium Hotel.

Some of our famous guests have shared with us their feedback about our boutique hotel. Do you want to know who they are and what they think about us? Have a look at their opinions and do not hesitate to share yours too. We are looking forward to know your feedback!

Juan Manuel Lara (Actor)

We are from Malaga and also real foodies! We had heard great things about the food and… we’ve already visited both restaurants twice. They are addictive! Great value for money.

Víctor Martí (Horwath HTL CEO)

We held a business event at the hotel and everything went smoothly. The staff was really considerate and the facilities are brand-new. We were provided with everything we needed. Thank you for making things so much easier!

Gonzalo Higuaín (Football Player)

Highly recommended! The building is beautiful, the rooms are modern, and the food was excellent. The staff is really helpful as well.

Pablo Alborán (Singer)

After trying both restaurants, I still don’t know which one I would prefer. They were so good! La Terraza de San Juan really captivated us. It’s a real pleasure with such a nice weather and the panoramic views. We will come back!