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Valentine’s Day Dinner 2024 in Malaga — Travel to romantic Italy with Bendito

No Valentine’s Day plans yet? At Bendito restaurant in Malaga, we have prepared an exceptional surprise. Next February 14, celebrate love with your partner with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga. In addition, the menu will be inspired by Italy and all its romanticism. Would you like to take part in this unique gastronomic experience? Keep reading!

Valentine’s Day Dinner 2024 in Malaga — Travel to Italy and fall in love

As part of our No-Programme in Malaga, Preámbulo, we bring you a very tempting Valentine’s Day plan. If you want ideas to enjoy with your partner and celebrate the most romantic day of the year, this is for you. At Malaga Premium Hotel, we have decided to celebrate love with an unforgettable experience that you can live as a couple: travel to romantic Italy with Bendito and their exquisite tasting menu of authentic Italian cuisine.

Why have we chosen Italy as the culinary destination for our Valentine’s Day menu? Simply because we want to pay tribute to their most important international partner. For this reason and because we wish for your Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga to be as epic as the story of Romeo and Juliet (without the catastrophic end). We invite you to join us on this delightful journey.

Next February 14, come with your partner to Bendito and join us on a romantic sensory journey that will travel through the cities of Positano, Amalfi, Chianti, and Verona. In addition, this Valentine’s Day menu based on authentic Italian cuisine will be served by the romantic candlelight of Bendito. Can you think of a better atmosphere to celebrate love?

Taste Bendito’s exquisite Valentine’s Day menu

Let’s discover the surprises in store for us in this romantic Valentine’s Day plan below. We start the night with an exclusive reception with a cocktail and welcome aperitif that will take place in Bendito at 8pm. Here, you can taste a delicious Tonno tonnato tartlet, which will whet your palate and prepare it for what lies ahead.

First, taste our exquisite starters made up of a tasty Mixed platter (mortadella, koppa, salami) and Italian breads (grissini, focaccia, garlic croutons) whose flavour you can pair with our Huguito cocktail (Prosecco, elderflower, lime juice, soda, and mint). We’re sure you’ll love our food pairing choices; discover an unparalleled combination of flavours specially crafted by our chefs to enhance the incredible Italian taste. Then, you can taste the excellent Carpaccio of pasture-raised veal with mustard, pecorino foam, pepper, and black truffle. Sounds delicious, right?

Get ready to surrender to the charms of our main course

Indulge in the incredible taste of Suppli of carbonara and smoked scamorza with cured pork jowls, paired with a tasty Daiquiri with roasted pineapple and mustard foam. Quite a pleasure for the senses! And don’t forget the exquisite Red prawn ravioli with butter, sage, and lyo tomato, whose flavour is further enhanced by a fresh Lunares rosé.

Finally, leave room for our unbeatable desserts. Savour the Deconstructed lemon, meringue, and hazelnut cake and the Cheese spread with amarena cherry, almond biscuit, and aged parmesan. These unique dishes could only be enhanced with a Moscato di asti. They’re sure to have conquered your sweet tooth, haven’t they?

What do you think of this delicious Valentine’s Day menu? We recommend choosing the option with food and wine pairing to live the complete Premium experience. Besides, if you don’t want this fantastic journey to romantic Italy to end, wait! Our Valentine’s Day plan brings more surprises. For those who want to make the most of this romantic evening, how about booking a magical night in our Malaga Premium Hotel? Let’s celebrate love in style!

Don’t hesitate any longer and live this incredible Valentine’s Day experience to the fullest. Book your place now for our Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga, and let us know if you want to complete it with wine pairing and a night at our hotel. Call 951 90 29 84 or email, visit us at Calle San Juan, 11, or complete our online form. We are waiting for you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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