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Preámbulo, the Leisure Programme in Malaga, Presents a New Gastronomic Event

Don’t you know Preámbulo, the leisure programme in Malaga by Premium Group? It is always full of surprises and endless experiences, events, leisure and cultural activities. Did you run out of ideas about what to do in Malaga, or are you looking for different plans in the capital? If so, this Premium Group agenda includes many possibilities that will not leave anyone indifferent. Join the Preámbulo newsletter and don’t miss any single plan. We want to present the gastronomic offer the Bendito team has prepared to inaugurate in 2024. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Preámbulo: Leisure Programme in Malaga

If you have never heard of Preámbulo, we briefly explain it. It is a leisure programme about what’s on in Malaga for events organised by Grupo Premium. In it, we seek to offer you the best experiences so that you can live the most Premium Malaga every day. However, it is not a regular leisure programme or agenda since Preámbulo adapts to you; we call it the non-leisure programme in Malaga because you decide what plans you like, when you want to enjoy them, etc.

With this agenda, you can organise your leisure plans in advance in the capital so you don’t miss out on any artistic, cultural, musical or gastronomic event. Also, if you join the Preámbulo newsletter, you will be among the first to know about all our plans. And don’t worry if one doesn’t particularly appeal to you, because we always have different proposals that suit all interests. Subscribe to discover all the information about this leisure programme in Malaga with just one click, and don’t miss any event.

Preámbulo Gastronomic Events at Bendito to Inaugurate 2024

Preámbulo always brings incredible proposals organised by Grupo Premium. Still, we are sure you will love what it offers this time. If you are an authentic gourmet, you will know the Bendito restaurant in Malaga: the purest fusion of local cuisine with the creativity and innovation of haute cuisine. Well, get ready because our leisure programme in Malaga presents three

The first Preámbulo gastronomic event has been baptised as “Taste is in smell” and will take place on January 25 2024. Do you know the feeling of wanting to try something just because it smells delicious? This time, Bendito’s chef teams up with a perfumer to design and create an exquisite menu that will revolutionise your sense of smell. Get ready for a 5-course menu featuring five perfumes that will make you dream… the rest, you’ll have to find out on-site. Come on up!

For February, our leisure programme in Malaga offers you a romantic Valentine’s Day plan. On February 14, come with your partner to Bendito and get ready to live a magical night. In this romantic gastronomic event, called “From Italy with love”, you can try a fantastic tasting menu of authentic Italian cuisine. Join us on a taste journey through Positano, Amalfi, Chianti and Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the most romantic night of the year than with a couple’s dinner by candlelight?

Wait, we’re not done yet. What do you think about celebrating the spring equinox with Preámbulo? On March 21, we inaugurate this beautiful season with a local menu, which we have called “From the Garden to the Table”. Dare to try a delicious menu where the protagonists will be the highest quality products of the Malaga orchard: seasonal and local vegetables grown by small farmers. A perfect initiative to contribute to local commerce and Calma, the social and gastronomic project of Frutas y Verduras Eladio, whose director and founder, Paco García, will honour us with his presence.

What do you think about these proposals from our leisure programme in Malaga? With such varied plans and options for all tastes, we are sure you will not want to miss any details. This time, Bendito has been the protagonist of our plans, but who knows what the rest of the Premium spaces have in store for us? Subscribe to the Preámbulo newsletter and stay up to date on all that’s coming. In Grupo Premium, we will always propose the best experiences so that your life is more Premium and you enjoy your time to the fullest. We will be waiting for you!

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