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BenditoAMOR: The Most Premium Valentine’s Day 2023 Menu in Malaga

Are you one of those passional people who give a thousandfold in your relationships, taking care of those you love the most? Either with your partner, a family member, a friend, or someone with whom sparks fly, at Grupo Premium, we have prepared a unique Valentine’s Day menu this 2023 so that you can cheer love in style, a feeling that seems to be multiplied even more on February 14, the worldwide day of love. If you’re around Malaga, don’t think twice and fall in love again.

Bandito’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Plan in a Nutshell

The Most Romantic Menu Is Awaiting You at Bendito Restaurant

The Ideal Pairing for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Menu

Bandito’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Plan in a Nutshell

Fall in love again with that person and Bendito’s special menu, which returns in full force in 2023. Sure, we refer to the romantic dinner proposal we planned at our Bendito restaurant based on Valentine’s Day. No worries if you can’t make it on the 14th to come and taste it. The menu will be available for all dinners from February 14 to 19.

Of course, suppose you are here on the 14th. In that case, you will be able to attend the opening of this romantic dinner that will be livened up by mariachis. This Mexican music genre par excellence glorifies love. More passionate and touching than that? Keep also in mind that you will need to book in advance.

The Most Romantic Menu Is Awaiting You at Bendito Restaurant

Suppose you have finally decided to join us to celebrate this beautiful day. In that case, we assure you that our Valentine’s Day menu BenditoAMOR will surely be synonymous with emotion and feelings. Dare to try this burst of flavours and nuances infused with a Latin flair. Fancy discovering it? Keep reading.

As starters to this romantic menu, we recommend a delicious Normandy oyster served with a base of margarita foam. Next, you will delight your palate with a traditional flavour: try our Pulled apart poultry flutes with sour cream and “Ranchero” cheese.

The BenditoLOVE Valentine’s menu will make sparks fly.

Now we move on to the main dishes. Whether you prefer meat or fish, this Valentine’s Day 2023 menu will be a safe bet: venture into the contrast of flavours of our Tuna cod in red wine, which includes a creamy parsnip sauce with vanilla and glazed onions. Another signature dish that will take you on a genuinely Latin gastronomic journey is the exquisite Iberian Presa marinated over miso, Aguachile of little green tomatoes, roast avocado, and crispy spiced corn.

BenditoAMOR – At all dinners from 14 to 19 February.

Finally, as we know that you need sweeter kisses on such a magical day, we have made some delicacies that will be the icing on the cake of this romantic dinner. To crown off this Valentine’s Day menu, we offer you some sweet delights that will definitely put a good taste in your mouth and leave you with a good feeling in your heart. Enjoy our Mexican chocolate roll with caramelised hazelnuts. Lovingly from Mexico!

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The Ideal Pairing for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Menu

Suppose you fancy combining all these specialities with some of our best wines and enjoy a tropical after-dinner cocktail. In that case, we have more surprises in store for you. Start with the well-known Bloody Mary cocktail to warm up. Then switch to La Depa, a local rosé wine from Sierra de Malaga ideal, perfect for garnishing the main dishes. Our Pago El Espino is also made from Petit Verdot, Syrah, and Tempranillo grapes. Why not extend the afternoon of this so special and loving menu in the finest Latin style with tequila and orange, mango, and lemon liqueur? Pretty complete, don’t you think? What’s more, we will all be surrounded by the warmth and rhythm of our mariachis if you come on the 14th. Do not wait and experience it yourself!

The best pairings for your Valentine’s Day 2023 menu.

Call now at 952 634 741 and book to enjoy BenditoAMOR with your beloved person in Malaga. We promise that amid so much delicacy, you will feel love being reborn on such a special day. Come and live this romantic experience and let yourself be carried away with this Valentine’s Day plan that we have organised for you.

Valentines Dinner Menu 2023
Bendito Restaurant,
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14 febrero, 2023
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19 febrero, 2023

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