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How to Eat Sushi: Discover the Keys and Put Them into Practice with Our Sushi to Take Away Offer

Discover how to eat sushi to take away in Malaga with Bendito restaurant’s sushiman etiquette tips. Quality products, the best technique, a wide variety of sushi types and an unbeatable sushi to take away offer. You will find all this and much more at the restaurant of the first gastro-hotel in Malaga.

Let us show you the sushi ritual secrets so you will know how to eat sushi like a Japanese does. Learn the unwritten etiquette rules from the Land of the Rising Sun. Are your chopsticks ready? Let’s go!

How to Eat Sushi Like a Real Japanese

Eating sushi is a complex ritual in Japan. From the ingredients setting to the way you apply dressing on your nigiris, everything is meticulously set. Do you wish you had the manners an authentic sushiman would expect from you? Take note and do not shame your ancestors with an improper behaviour on the table.

  1. The Dressing

When sushi is served you will find wasabi, soy sauce and ginger. Avoid mixing wasabi with soy sauce. This is the American way. Do you fancy a more intense flavour? Apply a small amount of wasabi on the fish and… Enjoy!

  1. The Soy Sauce

Serve the soy sauce in a small bowl and use it to spice up sushi to your taste. When eating nigiri, do not dip the sushi on the rice side. In Japan, where sushi was born, people only dress the fish (rice has its own dressing). If you are eating maki or uramaki, it is a little bit more difficult, so you should only add a moderate amount of soy sauce.

Shaking or “wrining” the sushi after dipping it on the sauce is considered rude. After dressing your bite, take it directly to your mouth.

  1. Using the Chopsticks

If you are not a skilful chopstick user, do not worry: Eating sushi with your hands is widely accepted. This way you can dip your sushi without the risk of it crumbling down over the bowl. If you want to use your chopsticks anyway, you can use them to take a small bit of ginger and brush soy sauce over the fish.

  1. Chopsticks and Composure

Chopsticks are a Japanese cuisine distinctive item and, therefore, they have their own rituals. They should only be used to grab the food. Do not pin or pierce sushi! You already know using your hands is allowed. Besides, they are not toys: rubbing or biting them, or any other inappropriate use will be deemed as a great offence. If you need a break, leave them tidy next to your dish, not on the sauce bowl. This is an advisable and polite gesture. Leaving them elsewhere could mean you finished your meal.

  1. The Real Flavour

Enjoy the real flavour of every ingredient thanks to the ginger. Take a small amount between bites to cleanse your palate from residual flavours. This way, you will enjoy every piece as if it were the first one.

The Ultimate Rule to Know How to Eat Sushi

The last and most important rule you should learn on how to eat sushi is enjoying every bite in great company.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks on how to eat sushi, according to the etiquette rules, distinguish the different types of sushi, and can make sushi like a pro, there is no doubt the following step is putting everything into practice.

Take advantage of our sushi to take away offer from Bendito restaurant, choose the sushi you’d like to taste and eat it like Japanese would. Remember, with our sushi offer you will get a 10% discount on your orders.

So, whether you come to Bendito or place an order to enjoy it at home, do not let anyone tell you off for your manners on the table. Enjoy your meal! Or as they say in Japan, goyukkuri douzo!

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