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Sushi Take Away at Bendito Restaurant – Enjoy Japan’s Authentic Flavour in Malaga

Looking for sushi to take away in Malaga? You hit the bull’s-eye! At our Bendito restaurant in Malaga, you will be able to enjoy a great variety of fusion cuisine dishes and, among other delicacies, one of the best sushi to take away in Malaga. We even have a special OFFER! Pay attention because we will tell you everything in less than it takes to say sushi.

Located on the city’s first gastro hotel ground floor, at Bendito we have recreated a realistic Tokyo izakaya, although any meal in our restaurant is a tour around the world of flavours. But, let’s confess our weak spot… in the fusion cuisine world, sushi is our passion. Don’t you know our offer to eat sushi in Malaga? Get your chopsticks ready, we will tell you all about it.


Sushi in Málaga: A Real Japanese Space at Bendito in Malaga

Our cuisine foundation is the fusion of international flavours with the local cuisine and products. On top of that, the Bendito restaurant decoration helps you isolate yourself from the downtown hustle and bustle, thanks to a lighting system that adapts to the moment of the day and a space designed taking every detail into consideration.

But, there is no doubt our great izakaya bar is the centre of attention. Behind this bar we cook a varied gastronomic offer. As at the izakayas in the Land of the Rising Sun, you can sit down to taste our dishes of sushi in Malaga, as you would in Tokyo: with a great sushiman and first class ingredients.

Sushi Take Away in the City’s Heart

Come in, approach the bar that presides over our restaurant and let yourself be impressed by our sushiman hypnotic and elegant movements. Our street food menu will leave you open-mouthed. Well… do not miss this opportunity to order from our diverse range of sushi, both as a starter or as your main course.

As respectful as a Japanese sushiman, our professionals work with tuna, salmon or butterfish (among other outstanding ingredients) with a samurai’s precision. Nigiri, maki, uramaki and sashimi are the usual ones, but what do you think about our nigiri aburi, gunkan or temaki? We already knew that choosing one among the whole range would be so hard that we decided to offer you a variety of 16 or 26 pieces.

But there is more to it! You can also enjoy our sushi at home. Do you fancy the idea? With our OFFER you can order sushi to take away with our sushiman quality and now with a 10% discount. Come, discover Japan’s real flavour and take it home with you!

And if you stay at our hotel, you can now enjoy the best sushi from your room with our unbeatable room service!

Room Service MenuClick on the image to see the menu

Sushi Types – The Ultimate Guide to Eating Sushi in Malaga

As you can see, in our street food menu, sushi plays a main role. Nigiri, nigiri aburi, maki, uramaki, gunkan, sashimi, temaki… How does it sound? Well, it tastes better still!

We know it… with so many sushi types, being confused is quite understandable. That is why we bring you the ultimate guide to understand the extensive sushi to take away offer that we have in Bendito.

Nigiri: are delicious rice balls on which a thin layer of the freshest fish is placed. To make it easier for the fish to stick to the rice, a small amount of wasabi is normally used.

Nigiri aburi: to create this nigiri type, we prepare the traditional one and, with the help of a cooking torch, we grill the fish layer. Your favourite nigiri with a different twist.

Gunkan: aka “battleships”, these are small rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed strips, stuffed with ingredients such as fish, roe, etc. from the top.

Maki: are the traditional sushi rolls that include fish, vegetables and rice rolled in a nori seaweed sheet. Do not go without trying our tuna tartar maki. Irresistible!

Uramaki: are made of the same ingredients as the maki, but in this case, we reverse the technique so that the rice surrounds the nori seaweed. They are usually decorated with sesame seed for a distinctive touch.

Temaki: are prepared with the traditional sushi ingredients, but wrapped in a cone shaped seaweed sheet.

Sashimi: are one of the most valued dishes in Japanese cuisine. In it, the quality of the fish takes the centre stage. These small fish slices are the perfect size to enjoy in one bite.

And, remember, to intensely savour a great sushi, take a small amount of ginger to refresh and “cleanse” your palate between bite and bite. Enjoy your meal! Or rather… Goyukkuri douzo!

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