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How to Make Sushi with These 7 Tricks from Bendito, Your Sushi Restaurant in Malaga

You still don’t know how to make sushi? Would you like to learn Bendito’s sushiman tips and tricks? Our restaurant wants to share with you the tricks that help us bring the traditional sushi to Malaga. And if things get complicated, you can always take advantage of our sushi take away offer and enjoy Japan’s real flavour at home.

Preparing a good sushi dish the traditional way is a task that takes both time and patience. In Japan, after spending 5 years assisting the chef or itamae, the apprentice starts working alone on preparations such as rice cooking. Five years to cook the rice! You don’t have that much time? Then, you have come to the right place…

Today, we will show you the easiest tricks to get the best results. Impress your friends with the best quality sushi dishes and a very professional look. Prepare the ingredients and cook that sushi rice, because we are starting right away.

How to Make Sushi the Easy Way – 7 Keys

In this quick and easy guide on how to make sushi we reveal our sushiman’s best tricks. If you did not dare getting in the kitchen to prepare this traditional Japanese dish, now you will have no excuses.

1. Always Go for Sushi Rice

The final dish texture and taste will depend on the rice variety and quality. Nowadays, many stores have specific rice for every dish. However, if you do not have it at hand, you can use round rice. It is not the same thing, but it will do the trick.

2. Give Rice a Break

After cooking, rice must be left to cool. Experts say it should reach human body temperature, about 36 degrees. Distribute the rice in a large wooden bowl and fan it to reduce its temperature little by little.

3. Keep the Proportions in Mind

In Japan, they take sushi rice cooking very seriously. Not for nothing, a careless preparation would ruin the dish. If you do not want to back a losing horse, prepare the sushizu or rice dressing with 5 parts vinegar, 2 parts sugar and 1 part salt for finger-licking results.

4. Keep Your Hands Wet

Once the rice is cooked and seasoned, while handling it with your hands you will notice that it’s really sticky. How do Japanese make sushi so it doesn’t stick? Easy, peasy. Keep your hands moist and you’ll see how simple it is to shape the rice. Remember to check our guide to sushi in Malaga to see the different sushi types and prepare a good varied dish.

5. The Magic Mat

Does your rice sticks to the bamboo mat while preparing your sushi rolls (makis or uramakis)? It is because you do not have our sushiman’s magic mat. Simply cover your mat with plastic wrap and you will see that making sushi is a piece of (sushi) cake.

6. The Knife – Clean and Wet

It is very common to see how your sushi roll crumbles down under your blade. Do not blame the grinder or the rice. If you keep the knife blade moist and clean after every cut, you will see how preparing uramakis is like cutting through warm butter.

7. Variety over Quantity

Preparing sushi follow this motto: less is more. Let yourself be carried away by Japanese austerity and go for just two or three ingredients for your fillings. It is better to prepare four different types than one in which flavours mix confusingly.

Real Sushi at Malaga Premium Hotel

Thanks to our sushiman dedication, experience and simple tricks, we can offer the authentic Japanese flavour in the heart of Malaga. If after reading our 7 tips on how to make sushi, you still do not dare to have a go, you can always visit us at Bendito, our gastro hotel restaurant.

Besides, you can also enjoy our sushiman skills at home thanks to our sushi to take away offer. Don’t you remember? Let us refresh your memory. Bendito offers a 10% discount on all your sushi to take away orders. Technique, quality and tradition at a tempting price.

So, whether you decide to get in the kitchen and make it yourself, come to our restaurant or place your order, Bendito makes eating sushi in Malaga much easier. Get your chopsticks and enjoy!

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