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Christmas Dinners Arrive at our Malaga Restaurant Accompanied by a New and Delicious Menu

** Discover the update menu for your Christmas lunch 2020 at Bendito **

Do you want your Christmas dinner to become an unforgettable memory? Do you expect this year’s company dinner to be no more of the same? Don’t wait any longer! Come to our Malaga restaurant an choose from the different Christmas menus we designed. Variety is the spice of life!

And you already know that at Bendito, good news never come alone! From next 16 October you could taste our marvellous and totally renewed menu. Discover endless flavours side by side our blessed proposals. Are you curious about it? Keep reading!

Make your Christmas Dinner an Unforgettable Memory

Have you thought about a place to celebrate your Company dinner? Our Bendito restaurant have the answer. Choose from three of our menu’s groups proposals and taste a selection of starters to share, followed by a succulent main course and finish your experience with a delicious desert that will take you to heaven. All menus include drinks! Let’s know them!

In the first place, delight yourself with Lavanda menu! It’s delicious starters rage from a delicious Truffled pork pate and Px gel 1×4 to the exotic Vietna-crunchy Bendito rolls of spicy tuna and Husk Tomato sauce 1×4 and, of course, without forgetting the fresh Russian salad with a dash of organic tra virgin olive oil Finca de la Torre. Thereon, our Malaga restaurant will impress you with a tough decision: Sweet wine pork rolled up steak with baked potatoes timbale, or a Curry London style roasted pink cusk ell above sauteéd brown rice. An in order to complete the experience, taste our Homemade Limoncello cream Panna cotta & almonds sponge cake. Wait, there is more ahead!

As a second option, we bring you the Mostaza menu. Begin with our Bendita salad, followed by the succulent Kyushu fried chicken with nanban sauce 1×4 and the delicious Croquettes of red curry Pil pil style prawns 1×4. And as main course we offer you two wonderful delicatessens: Marinated Iberian pork shoulder above on causa limeña and dried tomato chimichurri sauce, or Baked salmon with sautéed wild rice and coco. For desert, sweeten your senses with our Nutella and chocolate bean.

And as all good things always come in threes, we suggest you our Menta menu for your Company dinner. For a start, taste a wide of exotic starters’ selection such as the Argüeso style Tuna Crracklings 1×4, the Fried avocado into yellow corn with prawns with chipotle and crunchy nachos, the delicious Sea Bass Ceviche, Green curry and local grown avocado and our Caesar Salad with a Mexican touch. Hereafter, you could choose between the incredible Beef tender loin, garlic potatoes and truffle sauce or the tasty Roasted tuna, creamy almonds and sautéed spicy Piquillo peppers. And to close your gateway in style, delight yourself with our Creamy white chocolate and crunchy Oreo cookie. And feel blessed!

Surely now you will have no doubts about where to celebrate your Christmas lunch, although it will be difficult to choose between one of our three groups’ menus. Remember that you need at least 8 guests to reserve our menus and that reservations must be made with, at least, 5 days in advance. Don’t wait any longer and book your seats!

Our Malaga Restaurant Introduces its New Menu

As we already told you, Bendito presents its new menu. And what a menu! This time, our Malaga restaurant was completely renovated and we will be delighted with endless delicacies that we can taste from next 16 October. Let’s start!

Now that we told you about the large variety of dishes that will make up our groups’ menus for Christmas dinners, let’s give you some great news: Many of them will remain available at our menu! It won’t be necessary to organize a great event to enjoy Bendito’s gastronomy.

But that’s not all! There will also be entirely new dishes as the Sushi rice crunch with spicy tuna tartare, or the delicious Teriyaki roast beef sandwich with caramelized onion and melted Gouda cheese, or the tasty Beef burguer with pesto rosso Gouda cheese and truffle. And don’t forget the delightful Deconstructed Grandmother’s cookie cake. Quite a pleasure for the senses!

Do you need any other reason to visit our Malaga Restaurant?  Come and opt for our marvellous Christmas dinners’ menus or, if you can’t wait any longer, taste the great variety of our new menu, it will be available from next 16 October. We will be waiting for you!

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