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Christmas 2022 in Malaga: Enjoy a Unique Experience with Grupo Premium

Some significant dates are approaching… Christmas is that time of year in which we like to spend quality time with our closest friends, and this usually involves making gifts to show how much we love each other. If you are in Malaga, we have the best idea for you or for you to give your loved ones: a cocktail route through the Grupo Premium terraces. Maybe it’s time to experience something different this 2022, don’t you think?

The Malaga cocktail route, which will undoubtedly be a pleasure for the senses, starts on Saturday, November 26, and will extend until January 6. Specifically, it will take place on our four Premium rooftop bars: La Terraza de San Telmo, La Terraza de la Alcazaba, La Terraza del Quizás, and La Terraza de San Juan. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Cocktail Route in Downtown Malaga

You read it right: the experience consists of a cocktail tasting we will prepare on our terraces in Malaga. In each of them, the sensations and contrasts will be different. Come on up!

On La Terraza de San Juan, you will be tasting a Christmasy cocktail: Rudolph’s nose, ideal for these days. The name evokes tradition, red, and Christmas. Named after one of Santa’s best-known reindeer companions, prepare for a fruit trip consisting of Vodka, Liqueur 43, cranberry syrup, a hint of mint syrup, and lime juice.

Do you want to try our Christmas Bombom? This time of the year is to live it intensely. With the people who make us happier and with the mind set on Christmas coming up. If you continue with the Christmas mood, we recommend you take the route through La Terraza del Quizás. But beware, the intensity of this cocktail is based on coffee liqueur, vodka, cream, and vanilla. Who wouldn’t cheer up?

But we also have more exotic options. Stop by La Terraza de la Alcazaba and enjoy a different and incredible experience. Our Star from the East cocktail represents Christmas’s most cheerful, exciting and colourful part (also the big parties). This offering is from the three kings of the East who, this year, forgot gold, frankincense and myrrh to delight you with unique cocktails: Disaronno, pineapple, grenadine, lemon, egg, and mint. Pamper yourself and let yourself be carried away by the flavours and contrasts of this extravagant drink.

Finally, our route’s last corner of Malaga will be La Terraza de San Telmo. There, the Grinch will wait for you, the elf who stole Christmas from us, the antihero who hates these dates. By the name, you can imagine that the mix of flavours of this cocktail will be wild. Get ready for the high tequila will give you, accompanied by melon liqueur, lime, ginger, and orange. Will we have Christmas after we dare with the Grinch?

Win a Beer Tasting for 2 This Christmas in Malaga

But that’s not all! Before starting the route and tasting the four cocktails, you will be given a card and be able to seal it with each of the cocktails on the route. Attention! Completing the route will reward you: with a beer tasting for two at La Fábrica. Just fill in the QR code form you will see in your “passport” and choose a date to come and live the experience. Isn’t that amazing? For us, it’s a yes.

Are you going to miss it? This Christmas, give or self-register experiences in Malaga. Plus, you have a sure reward! If you also participate in our survey, you will participate in the draw of this Christmas in Malaga: hotel nights, tasting menus, reserved with bottles on our terraces…

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