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Christmas in Malaga: We Recommend You the Most Special Christmas Plans

Christmas in Malaga is as vibrant as it can be. It is a time of the year in which the family gets together, friends meet for Christmas shopping and the streets are brimming with joy. This year 2021 it makes more sense than ever!

If you are wondering what to do in Malaga this Christmas, at Malaga Premium Hotel we wanted to draw up a list of plans for the Christmasto come, so you won’t be missing anything during the last month of the year! We offer you a selection of plans that will make your Christmas perfect, with activities for the little ones and elders alike. Christmas fun is guaranteed!

The Amazing Street Lighting in Calle Larios Returns to Malaga this Christmas

Christmas in Malaga offers many different plans and activities. One of the most traditional, from late November to early January, is the street lighting of Calle Larios. This year, the spectacle of lights and music that locals and visitors like so much is back. Although due to Covid measures, there will be no specific schedule to avoid crowds.

What we can tell you is that there will be at least one daily pass between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm from the 26th, the day of the inauguration.

This day, at 7.00 pm the local journalist María Casado will turn on the lighting of Malaga this Christmas, with 500 laces of leaves in the Alameda Principal, 14 arches with sweet decorations in the Paseo del Parque promenade and the Plaza de la Marina.

But what everyone awaits to see is Malaga’s “Christmas Forest”. A passage of 22 arches that will cover and illuminate the Calle Larios and that, this year, will get all visitors in the mood with pieces performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga… Of course, there will be the traditional “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

Video Mapping on the Cathedral

After the success of 2019 with the video mapping on the wall of the Alcazaba, this wonderful light show returns to Malaga. This time it will be projected on the facade of the Cathedral. This year, the projection will surprise the people of Malaga with scenes related to the nativity and other Christmas effects. In addition, since the south tower is the protagonist of this monumental projection, one of the main shows will be the recreation of the construction of this unfinished tower.

For the same health reasons that have led the City of Malaga not to establish a specific schedule for the Larios passes, the video mapping show on Malaga Cathedral this Christmas, also does not have a schedule. We can only tell you to stay tuned from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm, starting November 28th.

Christmasin Malaga and Its Traditional Music

If you are passionate about the combination of theatre and music, this is your chance to enjoy Encarni Navarro playing her zambomba (rustic drum) on 22 December inTeatro Cervantes elegant surroundings or in the centrally located Teatro Echegaray, with the local singer Alejandro Estrada. An excellent plan to dive into Christmas spirit in downtown Malaga, as well as to visit Plaza de la Constitución and enjoy Christmas carols, flamenco and choirs that will brighten up Christmas shopping and late coffees.

On the other hand, the Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales is held on 28 December on the fairground at Puerto de la Torre. A festival where different local traditional music groups compete. Do not miss the selection of wines!What a magical way to celebrate Christmas in combination with local folklore.

Christmas Decoration in San Juan Street: Chandeliers and Charms

Christmas in Malaga is closer than ever with Malaga Premium Hotel! This year, San Juan Street dresses up for Christmas. In our central street, we will receive two themed decorations entitled “Hall of Chandeliers” and “Enchanted Garden”. The first consists of more than twenty large baroque lamps. The second, a network of vertical fruits.

In case all this does not get you flooded with Christmas spirit, we will tell you that Calle San Juan, Calle Nueva and Puerta del Mar will have Christmas music from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm. The voices of Encarni Navarro, Silverio Soto, Hermanos Ortigosa and Juani de El Palo will liven up your Christmas shopping in these central streets. Sit on Bendito’s terrace and enjoy the show!

Downtown Christmas Markets and Nativity Scene Routes

On a more traditional note, there’s the Christmas stands at Paseo del Parque, where you will find a great variety of gifts for Christmas. The shopping area is distributed along the park sidewalk, together with food stalls. Everything you need to enjoy your walk along the market. A few meters away, you can also visit the Christmas market on Muelle 1, with craft stalls and Christmas activities. We also suggest that you pay a visit to the Nativity Scenes that different associations, brotherhoods, museums and even the City Hall make available to the public. An entire route through different versions of the nativity scene!

On top of that, Malaga at Christmas would not be the same without its traditional gastronomy, so while you enjoy the lights with friends and family, you should taste the typical Christmas sweets such as borrachuelos (fritter) or roscos de vino (wine doughnuts) along with the Roscón de Reyes (King’s cake).

Christmas in Malaga Has Big Plans for the Little Ones

The little ones can travel to a winter and Christmas Wonderland thanks to the Botanic Garden of La Concepción. The activity is suitable for the whole family that will amaze the little ones and make adults feel like children again.

More than 2 million LED light bulbs will illuminate a 2 km route through the emblematic historic botanical garden of the capital of Malaga.

Let yourself be carried away by the spectacle of LED lights, lasers and music that has already captivated spectators in London, Stuttgart, Dresden, Münster and Berlin. A unique opportunity to fill the darkest season of the year with light.

But the most awaited day for all the little ones does not arrive until January. On January 5th and the Parade of the Magi, which this year we already know has 40,000 kg of candy to sweeten the most awaited night of the year. This day the Three Wise Men will be accompanied by 7 more floats among which we will find those of Pharaoh, Aladdin and Tintin. The various parades and dance groups complete this magical day and will delight the children of Malaga.

Now you know what Christmas plans you should write down on your Christmas calendar. Still wondering what to do in Malaga? At Christmas, our hotel keeps its doors open for you. Discover the different city lights, enjoy the cosy atmosphere on the streets, do all your shopping and stop by our restaurants to complete your Christmas experience. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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