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Bendito Restaurant in Malaga: New Year, New Menu

At Bendito restaurant in Malaga the New Year arrived with renewed strength. After New Year’s Eve, we had to meet our resolution list for 2019. As it could not be otherwise, our chef Mario Rosado and his kitchen team started by renewing our Malaga restaurant menu with a selection of delicious dishes especially prepared for restless palates with a desire to try a world of flavour. Do you want to discover the delicacies you can try this year in Bendito?

1. Casual and healthy food 2. Bakery Coffee

Tasty and Healthy Casual Food at Bendito Restaurant in Malaga

In our Malaga restaurant we want to offer you the best after those Christmas holidays’ copious meals. Starting January 15th, Bendito restaurant will completely renew its menu with a gastronomic offer centred on healthy and tasty dishes to smooth this transition to normality. Are you familiar with the casual food concept? Light, tasty and healthy dishes that you can taste both for a quick snack at the bar or relaxing at one of our tables. Let yourself be pampered and recharge your energy. Among the delicious salads you will be drawn to dishes such as the Little Italy, with pasta, spiced chicken, semidried tomatoes, black olives, corn and yogurt sauce or the Tofu salad with an exotic touch, including baby spinach, tofu, sautéed kingprawns, crunchy banana, dry blueberries and coco-basil-mint-coriander dressing. Doesn’t it look great? If you are feeling hungry before your dish arrives… Don’t you worry! Have a look at our Meanwhile… section in which you will find Veggie hummus, Roasted pork gyozas, Fried chicken Kyushu style or the traditional Our Bravas… (baked baby potatoes with dressing). Surely your mouth is already watering… Why don’t you pair your dish with a healthy natural juice Tope de power, Sabor de amor or Forever Young, among others. Don’t miss the fantastic variety of burgers and burritos: Calabresa, Spicy, Bay, Veggie, Wrapped or Chingón. Should you still have some appetite, take a bite of our sweet desserts. In fact… Why don’t you come over for an afternoon snack and try our varied offer with up to eight new cakes? You will feel so comfortable that time will fly by…

New Casual Food Menu at Bendito Restaurant: More Than a Bakery Coffee

At Bendito restaurant in Malaga we know that on working days is hard to make some time to find a place to enjoy a nice meal, so we designed a new timetable for you to visit us whenever you want. From Monday to Thursday, our kitchen works non-stop from noon until 8pm. On Fridays we are open from 12:30pm until midnight, also non-stop; and on Saturdays we offer our lunch until 4:30pm and dinners will be served until midnight! Now you can organize your agenda to taste our new menu! Besides, we included the casual food concept into our midday menus, which also features some novelties such as the vegetarian option for the first and second courses. For starters, you can choose among Baby leaf with blue cheese, nuts and balsamic vinaigrette salad, some tasty Tortiglioni with prosciutto and mushrooms cream, Chicken with chipotle, pico de gallo and sweetchili crepes or the irresistible Tempered vichysoisse with fried leek and herbs oil. For the main dish you will be able to tray the spectacular Cordon Bleu veal escalope with fried potatoes, “A la parte” style noodles with pink cusk-eel and clams, the classic Scrambled eggs with fried squids or the tasty Spinach cannelloni and soya baby leaf with almonds sauce. What? Can’t you leave the office? Place a delivery order! Obviously, we did not forget about dessert on our casual food menu. Choose among Fruit salad with lemon peel yogurt, the light Lemon mousse with herbs biscuit or the traditional Rice with caramel.

Malaga Restaurant with a New Casual Food Concept

We wanted to reinforce the Bendito restaurant innovative and versatile character. So with the New Year 2019 coming in, we had the perfect chance. At Bendito Casual food & Bakery Coffee you will have an innovative gastronomic offer that will surprise you no matter how you look at it, as well as new opening hours that adjust to your needs. You couldn’t find the time to come yet? Don’t worry! Thanks to our delivery services, we can take your favourite dishes or the menu you prefer anywhere. This way you will enjoy Bendito restaurant wherever you are.

Healthy and Casual Food at Bendito Restaurant in Malaga

Casual food and healthy food are fundamental elements at our Bendito restaurant in Malaga. This year we wanted to change our gastronomic concept and we welcomed casual food and Bakery Coffee, our latest novelty. This is a perspective change to a model of pastry and bakery coffee with which we want to offer you more services to live a premium experience in our Bendito restaurant. If you are curious about what we mean, read on and discover the surprises awaiting you among our assortment of sweet delicacies. You’re all welcome!

Casual Food at Bendito Restaurant and Bakery Coffee

Offering an exquisite casual food meal is part of our new bakery and pastry concept at Bendito Bakery Coffee – now you can enjoy a fabulous healthy meal with our selection of light and tasty dishes, both in our Malaga restaurant and wherever you are. Bendito is offering takeaway too! And not only for lunch or dinner, but also during those important meals we love so much: Breakfasts and afternoon snacks. They do say it’s healthy to eat five meals a day, don’t they? At Bendito restaurant in Malaga we have an incredible variety of takeaway food and daily-baked sweets and pastries that will brighten up your day. By the way, do you fancy marshmallows? How about we add some rose essence? You will taste them as a complimentary gift at the end of your meal. But first you will have the opportunity to taste the whole pastries selection that we put at your disposal, such as the exquisite macarons, which will raise your spirits as soon as you put them in your mouth. The dedication of our pastry chefs plainly shows in every freshly-baked product they prepare in Bendito restaurant. You already know that at our Malaga restaurant you can order your food to take away or enjoy it with us in a very cosy atmosphere. Now that the good weather is slowly peeping in, the city centre is filled with joy and life, as is our terrace on the very street. You can sit at our Bendito restaurant in Malaga with one of the various sponge cakes we offer: lemon, carrot or chocolate, which one will you prefer? We also recommend our herbal sponge cake with coriander, basil and mint if you are passionate about unique flavours, or our sponge with amarena, a fruit similar to cherries, that will leave you craving some more!

Discover the Bakery Coffee Concept at Our Malaga Restaurant

In the Bakery Coffee at Bendito restaurant in Malaga you can ask our staff for any special menu we may have, such as coffee with cake. Ask for it and enjoy the downtown atmosphere with the combination of the rich aroma of coffee, the sweetest flavours and delicious casual food. What’s more, if you need a personalized cake for a special event, do not hesitate to contact our Events Department, which will take care of everything you need. The best is in the little things, and with these little bites, any moment will become something extraordinary in your daily routine. Treat yourself at Bendito Bakery Coffee and make yourself at home. The sweetest treat from Malaga Premium Hotel! Call us at +34 951 90 29 84 or send us an e-mail at We will be pleased to help you in everything you need. We’ll see you with Bendito’s new dishes!
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