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Yubá Restaurant in Malaga and Its Haute Cuisine Sinful Experience

The Malaga restaurant at our gastro hotel is continuously developing its signature cuisine, with great doses of invention, the highest quality products and, of course, the gourmet character that is engraved on Yubá restaurant’s DNA. This time, Mario Rosado, our chef, proposes us one of the culinary experiences that will make Yubá rise up among the most original restaurants in the area.

A menu and an experience for the five senses with the seven deadly sins as a starting point. Do you want to know what the latest culinary experience at Yubá is all about? Well, we are so proud of this menu but we would not want you to succumb to gluttony, that’s why we’ll tell you almost everything. However, do not let yourself be driven by wrath if we hide some things… Don’t be greedy! Get over your sloth and come to Yubá in Malaga to experience it.

The Deadly Sins According to our Malaga Restaurant Signature Cuisine

The haute cuisine special menu at Yubá is made up of two appetizers, two starters, a main course, a pre-dessert and a great dessert. Each creation, with a marked gourmet character, is dedicated to one of the seven deadly sins. A creative proposal at our Yubá restaurant in Malaga that, of course, does not let its roots aside, as proved by delicacies such as Carbonara Siao long bao, Dumplings filled of garlic and wine rabbit on canvas of chocolate, raspberries and chestnuts or Tuna belly with kabayaki sauce, hardened grits, pine nuts and atsina cress.

Up to seven wonderful creations that will surprise you. Will you recognise every sin? An aphrodisiac dish for lust… Will you be fed like a slothful Roman emperor? Greed will make you fight for the last bite. Envy will blind you… Is your partner’s dish tastier? Gluttony’s dish is so delicious you will not want it to end. Pride will show how everything that glitters is not gold and, lastly, wrath will be a flavour explosion in your palate.

Our Malaga Restaurant Yubá Will Be Filled with Sinners in October

Our kitchen team creations will be served at our Yubá restaurant in Malaga from the 2nd to 31st of October. But for those sinners that cannot resist, we will be offering an special presentation dinner on Sunday 30th of September.

If you want to live a different culinary experience in one of the most original restaurants you can find in the very heart of Malaga, just contact us and book in advance. The menu will be available for both lunch and dinners.

Book your table and let yourself be driven by gluttony just for once. We won’t tell anybody!

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