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Valentine’s Day Menu – Mexican Flavour at Bendito

Watch out for the Valentine’s Day menu that Bendito brings in 2022! The most romantic day of the year is coming and we all want to show our love to our partners, friends and loved ones. At Malaga Premium Hotel we know that there are many ways to show love for others, but our favourite is conquering your palates. With a 2022 Valentine’s Day inspired by Mexico we will give you all the reasons you need to share your Valentine’s Day plans with us. Tell that special person to write down February 14 on their calendar!

Valentine’s Day Plans 2022 at Bendito

At our Malaga restaurant Bendito we like to celebrate love, in general. Couple’s love, between friends, family, colleagues… True love is presented to us in a thousand ways. And it won’t be us tagging what’s what.

If you already know who you would like to spend this special date with, but you are not sure what your plans for 2022 will be, let us tell you that when you read Bendito Valentine’s Day menu, all your doubts will be cleared. On February 14th you have a date for dinner and to celebrate love with Mexican flavours, music and atmosphere.

menú de San Valentín 2022

Don’t be surprised if you hear mariachis in the San Juan street in Malaga during Valentine’s Day… Do you think we have gone mad? Well, wait until you see Bendito’s Valentine’s Day menu and you will discover that our madness is one for love… love for Mexican gastronomy.

Valentine’s Day Menu 2022 at Bendito: Long Live Mexico and Long Live Love!

Unlike other Valentine’s Day menus you have enjoyed, our 2022 proposal is more casual and fun. Because Valentine’s Day with couples or friends can be romantic, but above all it has to be a celebration and fun. If anyone knows how to have a good time eating, as much as we do, those are the Mexicans.

Celebra San Valentín 2022 en Bendito

The Valentine’s Day dinner at Bendito will begin on February 14th with an Aguachile of scallops with emulsion of avocado and jalapeños, Tétela of chicken tinga and red sauce and Panucho of roasted cow’s rib with morita chili sauce. There are intense loves but… wait and try these dishes with unparalleled flavours.

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We know what you’re thinking. “Mexico? Where are my tacos?” You can rest easy, the Tacos ibérico al pastor with roasted pineapple, Tuna in green marinade on beans and Sucking pig in red recado with corn cream and chili will catch all eyes and palates during the celebration of Valentine’s Day at Malaga Premium Hotel. And wait to discover our dessert because, when it arrives at the table, we will see many declarations of love. We need no more than three words: Chocolate – Tequila – Banana. Do we need to explain ourselves? Love at first sight!

The Pinnacle of Your Valentine’s Day Plan 2022 at Malaga Premium Hotel

If you still want to share a more special day with your special someone on Valentine’s Day, you can pair your Mexican dinner with authentic Mexican cocktails.

San Valentín 2022 en Málaga

Mezcalita pibil is an intense blend of mezcal, orange liqueur, lime, achiote, orange juice and roasted chilies. The daring Paloma ahumada with tequila, smoked lime juice, grapefruit juice, soda and agave honey will captivate all your senses. And, finally, the Mexican favourite, Michelada made with light beer, lemon juice, coriander bitter, avocado sauce and corn salt. Its taste will not leave anyone indifferent. Drink Mexico with this pairing and toast to love with us!

Now that you have no doubt what your plan will be on Valentine’s Day, you just have to call 951 902 984 or write to to book your table. Celebrate love with your loved ones in the Mexican style at Bendito this 2022! And if you have noticed that this year there is no Valentine’s Day menu at Yubá, we can tell you that, soon, the events will return to your favourite restaurant in Malaga with a gastronomic twist that ensures you enjoy good cuisine in a very Premium way. Stay tuned and you’ll soon discover all that’s coming with the Yubá Experience…

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