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The Malaga Restaurant where You Can Eat Great Rice Dishes this Spring: Come to Yuba’s Rice Month!

Looking for great rice dishes? Yuba is on top of any Malaga restaurant when it comes to rice! Visit Malaga Premium Hotel during Yuba’s Rice Month! Enjoy up to 4 types of rice at our boutique hotel with your partner in a magic atmosphere. Can you imagine a better plan?

Did you know rice is one the most important cereals in our diet? In fact, it’s the world’s most produced cereal after corn and wheat. Moreover, it’s a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. According to statistics, not only it is common in Asia, but also in Spain, where we eat nothing less than 7 kilos of rice per person per year!

Rice dishes at YubaAt Yubá, one of our Malaga restaurants, we are passionate about mixing and innovating with traditional products and flavours from different countries. That’s why we decided to pay tribute to rice, an ancient and international delicacy. Pay attention to what we have prepared and write down the plan in your diary! We assure you that you’ll want to try all our 4 types of rice!

The Malaga Restaurant where You Can Eat Unique and Delicious Rice Dishes

Despite the fact that it’s a basic in our diet, it’s not always easy to find Malaga restaurants where the different rice types’ cooking times and elaborations are carefully respected. That’s why our Chef wants to make your mouths water this spring with four succulent rice dishes during our Rice Month.

Do you prefer rice with meat or fish? Don’t stress out! Our Malaga restaurant has everything under control. From the 2nd to 5th May you can taste our tempting Marinated Iberian pork belly and crunchy artichokes honeyed rice and our succulent Black rice with spring garlic, squid and baby squid. From the 16th to 31st May you will be able to enjoy an authentic flavour explosion with our Acquerello rice with sea urchin and rockfish and our unique Rice with free-range chicken, cantharellus and koppa with a hint of smoked paprika. Tough choice, isn’t it? Luckily, you have the whole month ahead to come and taste them all!

Rice Month on YubaDon’t forget to pair your food with some good wine and (after that) put the cherry on top with our great desserts!

A Malaga Restaurant to Eat Out while Enjoying the Best Atmosphere

We cannot deny that a good meal is a pleasure for the palate… but that’s not all. After enjoying a great rice dish, come up to La Terraza de San Juan and sip our famous cocktails with amazing views to the downtown. The perfect plan to end your night in style: relax on a comfortable sofa, let the music wash over you and delight yourself with our professional bartenders’ acrobatics!

Don’t think twice and book your table in Yubá during our Rice Month. The perfect plan to enjoy different types of rice in the very heart of Malaga!

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