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Tasting Menu: The Great Innovation in Yubá’s New Menu

Are you looking for restaurants with a tasting menu in Malaga? Stop looking and start enjoying haute cuisine in our Malaga restaurant Yubá. As part of our periodic change of menu, we have decided to add on this occasion a tasting menu to our gastronomic offer. Thanks to this selection of dishes, you will be able to spend more time tasting and less time thinking what to choose.

From the 3rd October there will be no doubt as to where to eat in Malaga – the most versatile and attractive fusion haute cuisine awaits you in Yubá. Keep reading and plan your next visit. Will you try the new dishes on our menu or our brand-new tasting menu suggested by our chef? Let’s find out!

Our Malaga Restaurant Adds in Ingredients from the Fall Season

Yubá’s new menu, which will be available from the 3rd October, brings more intense flavours, seasonal ingredients and, for the foodie in you, a renewed dessert menu. But we’d better go bit by bit.

Let’s start by sharing some of the new stars in the menu of our downtown Malaga restaurant. Al pastor style gringa with creamy payoyo cheese, sweet pineapple and coriander, Poh piah of smoked baked duck with pickled mushrooms and 63º Egg, Spicy Red Tuna Tartare and crunchy Potatoes are the three new fusion proposals Yubá’s chef. It really doesn’t matter if you use your hands or cutlery… What’s important is to share this gastronomic experience.

But the news of our Malaga restaurant doesn’t end here. We have a new salad dressed with cocktails. With the Fried japanese chicken, roasted avocado and spicy corn salad and its Passion fruit and basil yogurt dressing you will experience a new dimension of flavours in a rather light dish.

Our selection of the most travelling dishes broadens its repertoire with the 60º Sea bass over Nero di sepia Papardelle and cured parmesan foam. A course consisting of pasta and fish that will melt in your mouth with every bite. The autumn flavour comes with the Glazed salmon Bibimbap, Chinese-style fried rice and truffled eggs and the Goat kid carbonara with puntalette and cured yolk. As always, a game of balance between signature cuisine, fusion and tradition with extraordinary results.

To finish off, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. The desserts in the new menu of our Malaga restaurant are Caramelized banana, white chocolate and passion fruit foam cup, Chocolate & bitter orange textures, Pink Cheesecake and Caramelized popcorns & vanilla bourbon cake. Whims for the palate that round off your visit to Yubá.

Yubá, Your New Restaurant with Tasting Menu in Downtown Malaga

In short, the new autumn menu of Yubá introduces three dishes to share, a delicious salad, three main courses of fusion food and four new desserts. If we also consider the dishes that remain in our gastronomic offer, it will be difficult for you to decide a combination without wondering… “Should I have ordered the Iberian Pork Sirloin Tonkatsu with Corn in Different Textures?”.

Clic on the image to see the menu

Don’t worry. If there is one thing we are looking for in Yubá, it is that our guests go out with the best possible taste in their mouths. To this end, the kitchen team of our restaurant has prepared a very special tasting menu. With it you will be able to travel through a world of flavours in seven dishes.

This new and exclusive tasting menu consists of three of our most outstanding starters, three of the most creative main courses and a dessert that can be enjoyed with all the senses. Listen to the crackling of the raspberry fizzy sherbets! And, if you wish, you will be able to pair the new Yubá’s tasting menu with a wide selection of wines and cocktails. The perfect option for both the indecisive and the most daring, or even to give a gastronomic experience as a gift for a special occasion.

From the 3rd October, call us at 951 90 29 85 or send an email to to make your reservation and taste the new dishes in Yubá’s menu or our new tasting menu. A real Premium gastronomic experience.

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