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Spicy Food in Our Malaga Restaurant: Arde Yubá Gastronomy Days

Lovers of spicy food in Malaga have a reason to celebrate. On February 27th, we will celebrate in our Yubá restaurant the opening dinner of the “Arde Yubá” gastronomy days. This event will be the introduction of a spicy food menu that will be available until March 8th. If you like haute cuisine, international food and for you Havana evokes peppers and not cigars… the Arde Yubá gastronomy days are made for you.

Join us on this spicy journey through Central America and South-east Asia, whether you are already crazy about hot spices or would like to be introduced to this world in a big way by experts. And, to make your mouth water, we present you with this very special menu. Look out, it’s burning!

Spicy Food Menu for the Arde Yubá Gastronomy Days

To prepare a round menu and accurately control the balance of hot spices, taste and aromas, Mario Rosado, the chef of our Malaga restaurant, has teamed up with Carlos Carvajal, the founder of Sierra Nevada Sauces. The result? A 5-course menu with which diners can taste and experiment with different types of spices. In addition, so that no one is left out of this gastronomic experience of spicy food in Malaga, there will be two levels: amateur and expert.

To start warming up, a Fried nigiri of oxtail hamburger and habanero mustard will be served, followed by a Cockle and fried avocado ceviche with smoked chipotle salt. This spicy dish is addictive! Should we go on? If you need to give your taste buds a rest, you can take advantage of the menu with pairing option, to get the most out of the flavours that our Malaga restaurant offers.

Now you’re talking! The stars of this menu are the Tuna Belly in kabayaki on potato parmentier with roasted jalapeño purée and charcoal-browned corn and the Tataki with veal, raw vegetables, 3 mayonnaises and 3 chillies (Scorpion Moruga, Wasabi and Habanero). This great journey through spicy international cuisine ends up with a surprising dessert: White chocolate, passion fruit and yellow chili. As you can see, the menu prepared by our chef and the founder of Sierra Nevada Sauces is full of contrasts, fusion and, above all, HOT SPICES.

Opening Dinner of the Arde Yubá Gastronomy Days with Spicy Food

Such a special menu needed a very special presentation. As you know, our menu will be available at our restaurant Yubá in downtown Malaga from February 27th to March 8th. However, on February 27th we will host a very special dinner with Mario Rosado and Carlos Carvajal. The creators of this menu will accompany us at dinner and tell us all the secrets hidden behind each of the dishes.

If you want to discover hot spices with real experts, in your favourite fusion cuisine restaurant and in a unique event, book your table now for our dinner on February 27th at 9 pm. You can do this by calling 951 90 29 85, by emailing or by using our web form. Book now and enjoy the best spicy food in Malaga from February 27th to March 8th.

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