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Pairing Delicious Alcoholic Cocktails with Unique Dishes at Yubá

At Yubá, our Malaga restaurant, we want you to enjoy an unparalleled pairing experience in which we’ll be putting all your senses to the test. Moments filled with aromas, feelings, music and flavours that will make your dishes of choice something much more special. We are fond of fusion cuisine and want our clients to enjoy excellent signature cuisine along with original alcoholic cocktails for all tastes. Are you up for this genuine flavour experience Malaga Premium Hotel is offering?

Pairing with Cocktails Brings a New World of Flavours and Feelings to Our Malaga Restaurant

Are you passionate about Asian cuisine and alcoholic cocktails with a different flavour? Congratulations! Now you will enjoy the appetizing Flambé taco with squid tempura, fruits kimchee and crispy algae with wasabi paired with our Margarita mango spicy alcoholic cocktail, which blends such characteristic flavours as tequila, lime or mango. Another classic alcoholic cocktail is our beloved Roasted piña colada, but this time with a touch of aged rum, as well as coconut rum, roasted pineapple and coconut purée. And it doesn’t come alone, you can pair it with a soup that will warm you up right away, King prawns and tofu laksa soup with tamarind and jasmine rice.

If you’re in the mood for exotic flavours that takes the pairing experience to a whole new level, we recommend you the Picanha beef in Za’tar coating tataki, “revolconas” potatoes (mashed potatoes dressed with paprika), casse tomato and candied shitake. A beverage? How about a wonderful Ginger dressed with hemp vodka, ginger beer, rosemary, lime and the icing on the cake: elderflower liqueur. Although if you prefer something a little sweeter, the Cheese, black and blueberries bonbon with toasted almond biscuit is waiting for you… so that you don’t leave anything on your plate! Pair it with a Bramble, an alcoholic cocktail with plenty of personality: gin, blackberry liqueur, lime and, of course, sugar. Yummy!

Another of our sweet dishes paired with an alcoholic cocktail is the unique mix of Foie micuit pie (San Marcos Style) with the ever surprising Mai Tai Yubá, with flavours such as spicy white rum, orange liqueur, orgeat and our beloved lime. They all sound delicious! Don’t they? But there’s still a lot to discover… In addition to these five spectacular combinations, you’ll find five more pairing options that our team is eager to show you.

Food Pairing in the Heart of the City: A Unique Experience in Our Restaurant in Malaga

In Malaga Premium Hotel we intend to provide you with a perfect fusion between the ingredients of our characteristic dishes and the taste of these exclusive cocktails with alcohol. This combination, together with the wonderful views of our hotel, will brighten up every moment of your meal. Are you ready to try? Should you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will be happy to provide all the information you need. Enjoy a sensory experience in style!

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