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Bendito Malaga Restaurant: Gourmet Cuisine with Our Succulent Special Dishes

Our Malaga restaurant is always at the forefront, that’s why we wanted to include high quality gourmet cuisine on all our elaborate dishes. In Malaga Premium Hotel, our aim is to offer the best culinary experience in our Malaga restaurants, especially for those looking for a different Malaga restaurant to go to at weekends. Visit us and discover the best gourmet cuisine in the city centre!

Our Bendito Malaga Restaurant: The Essence of Gourmet Cuisine

At our Malaga restaurant, the gourmet cuisine was the main reason why we modified all our elaborate dishes. When you think about gourmet cuisine, what is your very first thought? A variety of cooking techniques, a mix of exotic flavours, fine cuisine… The importance of this cuisine is significant and, at our Malaga restaurant, we are more and more aware that our clients want to be surprised. We want them to give free rein to their imagination with every bite!

Bendito, our Malaga restaurant, proposed a selection of elaborate dishes focused on making our customers’ dreams come true. Among the variety of our offer, we are sure that you will find something attractive… There is no accounting for gourmet cuisine! Try delicatessen like the Flambé taco with squid tempura, fruit kimchee and crispy algae with wasabi or the fascinating Korean lasagne made of old cow, roasted marrow and goat bechamel sauce. For the fans of the most creative cooking techniques, the 63° Egg, spicy red tuna tartare and crunchy potatoes perfectly combines a traditional flavour with a modern one, in the same way the Iberian pork sirloin tonkatsu with corn in different textures mixes a sweet touch with a salty one.

At our Malaga restaurant, we use to have more aces up our sleeves, such as our magnificent Roasted duck with soy and ginger over soba noodles with Chinese tangerine. An explosive mix right in the city centre, just like the delicious and typical flavour of the Roasted octopus with fish stew, mashed almonds and crunchy smoked De la Vera paprika. Apart from that, we have more surprises at our Malaga restaurant, such as the Bendito-Surprise Egg and the sweetest dish of the selection: Pistachio Dorayaki, citric soup and walnut ice cream.

Our Malaga Restaurant Stands Out with Its Great Special Dishes

Our Malaga restaurant is more than a transit point where enjoying delicacies: it is a premium restaurant that will surprise you and your friends, if you are looking for a Malaga restaurant to go to at weekends. Delight yourself with the charm of a perfect gourmet cuisine among the elaborate dishes in our special offer. Whatever you order, you will make the right choice!

Make your reservation now calling at +34 952 634 741 or send us an email to Discover the wonderful balance of the gourmet cuisine and the successful offer of these elaborate dishes at our Bendito Malaga restaurant.

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