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Malaga Film Festival 2019 Comes Full of Flavours to Our Restaurant in Malaga

The Malaga Film Festival 2019 floods the streets of our city with the best cinema and the biggest professionals of the seventh art. Between the 15th and the 24th of March 2019 everyone will be talking about the Malaga Film Festival 2019 and, when you discover what we have in mind at our Malaga restaurant, you won’t stop talking about our executive menu either.

Since our opening day, this Malaga restaurant has poured its soul into the cinema festival of the city. So be ready to enjoy a delicious movie menu with some special touches. Recover your strength until the revelation of the awaited winner of the Biznaga de Oro of the Malaga Film Festival 2019.

Eat Up The Malaga Film Festival at Our Bendito Malaga Restaurant

Cinema shares a lot of things with gastronomy and vice versa. Both disciplines are genuine forms of art. Besides, they get to stir up feelings in those who love them. However, when cinema and gastronomy intertwine… sometimes the result can’t be explained with just words.

The kitchen team of our Malaga restaurant put its body and soul into the fusion of cinema and haute cuisine with this executive cinema menu. Great movies come true through our dishes and the recreations of your favourite films. That’s how we can offer you a two-dish menu with a dessert that will make you feel like you have entered the big screen.

Among the starters, you’ll find classics like the Ratatouille. It needs no further explanation, right? Another option is the delicious Roasted pork and caramelised onion patties inspired by Dunkerke. And, of course, our chef makes you an offer for main dishes you can’t resist: Meatballs with tomato sauce, garlic and cinnamon. The Godfather would have served it on the day his daughter was to be married… If you are looking for a more special flavour, we have something for you! The legendary Pulp Fiction Big Kahuna Burger. We dare you, we double dare you not to lick your fingers after tasting this dish!

Did you save room for dessert? At our Bendito Malaga restaurant you can have the icing of the cake for this Malaga Film Festival 2019 commemorative menu with the Chocolate cake from Matilda, a succulent cake Red Velvet based in Steel Magnolias and, for those who are more traditional, the genuine American Pie from the movie.

If the menu dedicated to the Malaga Film Festival has seduced you, you can come and enjoy it from the 18th to 22th of March at our Bendito Malaga restaurant, from Monday to Friday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Would you miss out on a real cinema menu?

Visit Malaga Rooftop Terraces during The Malaga Film Festival 2019

If you have finished with your Bendito menu and have a couple hours off until the new cinema session begins at the Malaga Film Festival 2019, do not hesitate and come upstairs to the Terraza de San Juan!

At our Malaga rooftop terrace we’ve made three special cocktails to celebrate with you the Malaga Film Festival 2019. We have flavours for all tastes: classic, intense, alcohol-free… If you like the Margarita, we invite you to try this exclusive version inspired by the most acclaimed Margarita in the festival: Margarita “Rita” Hayworth. If you look for an intense flavour, we challenge you to try the bourbon, bitter coffee and vanilla syrup cocktail, inspired by the Hollywood hit Mad Men.

Finally, a non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by the angelical Shirley Temple. An energizing beverage to enjoy until the last projection of the Malaga Film Festival 2019. Remember that our cinema cocktails will be available from 15 to 24 of March.

As usual, this Malaga gastro-hotel has everything you want to celebrate this great film festival. Indulge yourself at Bendito and enjoy Spanish cinema hits at our Terraza de San Juan. See you between movies!

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