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Downtown Malaga Restaurants: Where to Eat in Malaga to Enjoy the Local Gastronomy

Do you already know Premium Group’s downtown Malaga restaurants? If you are looking for places to eat well in Malaga and enjoy the local gastronomy, you definitely need to book a table at any of our downtown Malaga restaurants. Discover the bold fusion cuisine of Yubá, enjoy the unique culinary experience of Bendito, or savour the delicious and varied dishes of Batik on a journey with all five senses.

You can also stop by La Fábrica and taste their wide variety of tapas and craft beers. The finishing touch to a Premium experience? Visit our rooftop terraces: choose between the impressive views of La Terraza de la Alcazaba, the chill out atmosphere of La Terraza Oasis or La Terraza de San Juan, with its relaxed atmosphere and panoramic views. Read on and we’ll tell you our news and gastronomic secrets!

Our Downtown Malaga Restaurant Celebrates Its Arde Yubá Days

(From the 27th February to the 8th March 2020)

Mario Rosado, the chef of our downtown Malaga restaurant, has teamed up with Carlos Carvajal, the founder of Salsas Sierra Nevada, to prepare a surprising 5-course menu that will delight our guests with different types of spices. A most exotic experience that you can enjoy from the 27th February to the 8th March in our restaurant Yubá with two levels: amateur and expert.

This event will be marked by the great variety in Malaga’s gastronomy offered by Premium Group and you can start with dishes such as Fried nigiri of oxtail hamburger and habanero mustard or the Cockle and fried avocado ceviche with smoked chipotle salt. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on our exquisite main courses, including the Tuna Belly in kabayaki on potato parmentier with roasted jalapeño purée and charcoal-browned corn and the Tataki with veal, raw vegetables, 3 mayonnaises and 3 chillies (Scorpion Moruga, Wasabi and Habanero).

On the other hand, if you need to give your taste buds a rest, you can take advantage of the menu with pairing option, to get the most out of the flavours that our Yubá restaurant offers. This spicy journey ends up with an excellent dessert: White chocolate, passion fruit and yellow chili. As you can see, this menu is full of contrasts, fusion and, above all, hot spices. You should definitely come and give it a try!

Taste Malaga’s Gastronomy with the New Meat Menu from La Fábrica

(From the 4th March 2020)

As usual, Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica surprises us once again with a new menu so that we can savour a wide selection of top quality meats. They have found experienced beef producers who value their product as much as they value their Soho beers at La Fábrica. Thanks to La Finca Jiménez Barbero, “La carne de la felicidad”, and to Bazkaleku, “Meat the specialist”, they have managed to turn La Fábrica into a place to eat in Malaga young beef with maturations of 10 to 12 days and a mild, elegant and delicate flavour; and beef cuts from 4 to 5 years old with maturations ranging from 14 to 21 days, which make for elegant, fatty and rounded flavours.

The excellent final quality of the cut of beef is achieved thanks to the effort of the producers, as they have looked for farms that take care of the feeding and the well-being of their cows, fed with grass, fodder and grains. Thus, the final result is 5 cuts of beef and 3 garnishes: T-Bone, French Rack, Ribeye Steak, Low Tenderloin of beef and Beefsteak; accompanied by Homemade chips with Padron peppers, Low temperature roasted baby potatoes with Padron peppers or Grilled seasonal vegetables. In addition, each one of our pieces undergoes the maturing process that best enhances its qualities (in beef fat butter, with bone or without bone). A real example of Malaga’s best gastronomy that you will be able to enjoy from the 4th March at La Fábrica in Malaga’s Soho. And don’t forget to pair your piece of beef with our wide variety of Cruzcampo’s beers!

Where to Eat in Malaga with Pairing: We Present You the New Wine Menu from Batik

(Enero 2020)

If you want to live an authentic gastronomic experience, our downtown Malaga restaurant Batik of Alcazaba Premium Hostel reveals its new wine menu, which is already available for you to enjoy. We are very much aware that any good meal should be accompanied by an excellent pairing, which is why Batik offers you the best selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines. The best variety for you to choose from!

For red wine lovers, they have a wide range from the local variety Pernales, with designation of origin from Sierra de Malaga, to the exotic Côte-du-Rhône Les Becs Fins, with designation of origin from the villages of the Côte du Rhône, an excellent option to explore the red wines of the Rhône. On the other hand, if you are more into white wines, in Batik you can taste Malaga’s most typical wine, La ola del melillero, with designation of origin from Sierra de Malaga. This surprising white combines the dry, floral, saline and muscatel grape flavours… The best example of Malaga’s gastronomy!

As for the selection of rosé wines, we suggest the exquisite Libalis rosé, with designation of origin from the Sadacia Valleys. This wine owes its freshness to the night harvesting of the grapes and it also has a characteristic citric and strawberry flavour. Finally, let’s not forget the delicious sparkling wines. Ideal for any special occasion. Specifically, Batik features the Mumm Rosé, an exquisite champagne that evokes summer fruits and delights with a tasty and prolonged finish. Sounds great, right?

If all these gastronomic innovations have left you wanting more, in our downtown Malaga restaurant we have prepared a surprise for you. On the 26th March, Yubá celebrates an exquisite wine tasting to delight your senses.

Yubá, our Restaurant in Downtown Malaga, Renews its Wine Menu

(From December 2019)

At Premium Group we like to constantly renew our gastronomic offer. It is part of our philosophy and our commitment to our customers. Not by accident Malaga Premium Hotel is the first gastro-hotel in Malaga city. Our latest idea? Something as simple and at the same time as essential as the Yubá wine menu, so that you can enjoy even more of our haute cuisine innovative experience.

Many people have already enjoyed the haute cuisine of our restaurant Yubá, but if you think that our restaurant in downtown Malaga stands out only for its fusion cuisine dishes, you are missing out on half the Premium experience. The great wine selection that we offer to pair with exquisite dishes are just the icing on the cake.

If you have already enjoyed a meal at Yubá and tried their excellent wines, you can now live another unique experience with their new wine selection. With up to 40 different names on the list! Among them we can find, of course, a great selection of local red, white, rosé and sweet wines, with grapes such as syrah, muscatel, Pedro Ximénez, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot or pinot noir, to name just a few. The menu is completed with a wide selection of wines from the rest of Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Argentina, South Africa… In short, a wide range of wines from all over the world to satisfy all palates and combine with Malaga’s haute cuisine. If you still don’t know where to eat in Malaga and enjoy the best culinary experience paired with your favourite wine, you can’t miss our new menu!

Where to Eat in Malaga with the New Limited Edition Beers from La Fábrica

(From December 2019)

The restaurant in downtown Malaga by Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica surprises us with new craft-beers, as usual. The Black IPA and Belgian Dubbel will become your new favourite Soho beers. That said, they will be the favourites until the Master Brewers present their new creations, and leave us again with astonishment and desire for more.

The Black IPA is the perfect creation for those who enjoy the intensity of flavour and texture of black beers and do not want to miss out on the refreshing, citrus touch of the IPA. This Limited Edition beer has coffee and cocoa aromas with citric touches, which makes it the perfect gastronomic pairing for meat dishes or even chocolate-based desserts. Will you be able to resist?

The other suggestion from La Fábrica is the Belgian Dubbel. Face the winter with the know-how of the Belgian brewmasters. An intense beer with a light bitterness that will leave you with malty, sweet and toffee notes. If you thought authentic Belgian beer could only be brewed on abbeys… Surprise! The Belgian Dubbel is ready to enjoy directly from the tap in La Fábrica, in Malaga’s Soho.

If you already know which one you’ll be trying first, the only thing left to do is to take a look at the restaurant menu or simply go for some tapas. Where to eat in Malaga? That’s easy at Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica in Malaga. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Great Gastronomy in Malaga at Premium Group’s Restaurants

Yubá, Batik, Bendito, La Fábrica… As you may have noticed, our restaurants in downtown Malaga stand out for their innovative gastronomic offer and we do our best to ensure you have the best Premium experience all year round. If you want to enjoy the best gastronomy in Malaga, the Premium Group is up for the challenge. Don’t wait for others to tell you. Come and live it first-hand!

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