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International Dishes to Travel from the Table of Our Yubá Restaurant in Malaga

Tasting international dishes is the best way to travel without leaving the table. Our Malaga restaurant has been inspired by the theme of this year, “Noche en blanco”, to elaborate an international menu that will take you around the world. From 14th to 2nd June, our Yubá Restaurant in Malaga is offering special flavours, textures and aromas that will take you around all five continents. What are you waiting for to take a bite of each place in the world?

International Menu and Dishes: Travelling Essence in Our Yubá Restaurant in Malaga

Our international dishes, together with our international menu are the proof that shows that cuisine can increasingly broaden its horizons. Borders are too small now for the variety of options arising out of the fusion cuisine. In our Malaga restaurant, we welcome the suggestions that our kitchen team makes with open arms, since they are always looking for new flavours that will surprise our diners. This time, the Noche en blanco, one of the most representative cultural events in the city, has inspired us to create this delicious international menu. We have designed all international dishes with one goal in mind: travelling to other places through our palate.

In our Malaga Restaurant, we like to start off on the right foot. So this menu of international dishes will be inaugurated with the fresh touch of snacks to share from the Asian continent. What about a sea crunchy bread, salt-cured tuna, kimchee and coriander sprouts and a combination of sake-litchi and peach? In order to continue our journey, you will be accompanied by other starters full of the warm flavours of Africa and America. Both the light texture of chicken batbout with harissa and yogurt cream with turmeric and mint, and Oaxacan molotes filled with sausage & potatoes and chicken tinga with avocado are two international dishes that will make you jump across the pond in the blink of an eye.

The adventure will go on with international dishes such as the fantastic goat kid carbonara with puntalette and mature yolk, a pure delight for Mediterranean flavour lovers. To finish this international gastronomic experience, our destiny is located in Oceania. In our Yubá restaurant in Malaga, the pavlova with strawberries textures is the best final destination we could have ever wished for this wonderful trip.

Yubá Restaurant in Malaga: An Authentic Gastronomic Experience with International Dishes

The constant evolution of our cuisine has become the protagonist in our Malaga restaurant and that is why we are always looking for ways to make tradition and innovation of each culture meet. We do not need 80 international dishes to travel around the world, but rather make a perfect international menu.

Discover each nuance hidden in our international dishes and our most innovative techniques. Make your reservation now calling at +34 951 90 29 85 or send us an email to Let yourself be surprised by our menu and enjoy the ride through all five continents in the heart of Malaga.

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