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International Dishes: Stop in The Caribbean on the Second Meeting of Travelling with Friends at our Malaga Restaurant

If you enjoyed the international dishes of the first Travelling with Friends, join us on this second trip to tropical flavours. Would you like to know what the palate feels when tasting flavours of two different climates in the same dish? Easy peasy to be delighted because our Malaga restaurant with its gastronomic cycle Travelling with Friends stops in The Caribbean: we suggest you this 4 hands international menu and its fusion of the best of Tropical and Mediterranean, so you have everything.

Roberto Nieves of Food & Famous Catering is the chef invited to our kitchen of Yubá on this meeting and who, along with the chef Mario Rosado of our Yubá restaurant in Malaga, will delight your palate with multitude new sensations. Pay attention to the merge of the following international dishes of this unique menu. Are you ready to take off towards The Caribbean?

International Menu with Tropical and Mediterranean protagonists

Fasten your seatbelt, we landed! Next October 17 will take place our second gastronomic cycle Travelling with Friends, in which only 90 diners will have the opportunity to delight the warm and intensity of the fusion of kitchens as particular as the Caribbean and the Malagueña. A fusion that will offer you the most Premium of the Tropical and Mediterranean flavours, all along with Roberto Nieves, the expert and experienced chef of Food & Famous Catering, and the chef of your favourite dishes, our chef Mario Rosado of Yubá. We do not doubt that it will be a trip with endless gastronomic sensations.

The first stop consists of two starters. What do you prefer, the freshness of a Caribbean cold tomato soup, ceviche style roasted octopus, vanilla, avocado and tree chilli, or a Shrimp moqueca with manioc flour crust and crispy black tapioca? As you can see, the international dishes of this meeting combine freshness and intensity.

The main courses will surprise you as well. Experience the touches of the delicious flavours of a Duck with tamarind sauce & roasted banana with wide chilli golden tacos, or if you prefer it, dare to enjoy the intensity of a Green marinated sea bass loin with Acapulco style chopped black bean. Do you already know which one to choose for this journey?

We know that it is difficult to choose because both dishes are equally irresistible, but we are sorry to tell you that now you have it even more difficult. Choose over a creamy Three milks bonbon or a bold Jaggery infladita with quince, goat cheese and cashews. You can also complete your menu with a spectacular pairing. Highly recommended by our sommeliers if you want to get the most out of this gastronomic experience.

Do Not Miss the Last International Menu of Our Yubá Restaurant in Malaga

You know: next October 17 we are waiting for you at our Yubá Restaurant of Malaga Premium Hotel, where Roberto Nieves and our chef will delight you with the best fusion of the Caribbean and Mediterranean kitchens with their 4 hands international dishes at this gastronomic cycle Travelling with Friends. Make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance so hurry up, because only the first 90 diners making a reservation will travel with us.

Call us at 951 90 29 85 or send an email to so as not run out of seats in this second scale of our trip around the world. Don’t worry if you can’t make a reservation, you have the opportunity to join our travel in the next scale. We will be waiting for you!

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