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Haute Cuisine in Yubá – The Signature Cuisine in Our Malaga Restaurant Makes Its Way

Haute cuisine has been the hallmark of Yubá, our Malaga restaurant, since the city’s first gastro-hotel great opening. A culinary style that combines technique, quality products and large doses of personality. Signature cuisine in its maximum expression and in the very heart of the city.

In the kitchen, our chef Mario Rosado is in charge of developing the concept. A fusion cuisine master who always keeps a very personal twist in his creative pantry. We already told you a lot about the irresistible special menus you can find at Yubá, but today we want to dedicate some lines to the haute cuisine that defines the DNA of this Malaga restaurant.

Yubá Signature Cuisine – Unique Among Restaurants in Malaga

To become a haute cuisine restaurant, dedication, effort, technique and respect for the product are essential. However, signature haute cuisine goes one step further. The chef’s creativity and knowledge are key: they provide that distinctive element and that is why it is unrepeatable.

Yubá’s cuisine is eclectic and mixed. It portrays endless influences and a round-the-globe enrichment, thanks to everything Mario Rosado and his team have seen and learnt. This team continues to research and learn relentlessly. Will this be the secret behind the innovative menus of our restaurant in downtown Malaga?

As our chef puts it, the real key to Yuba’s signature cuisine success is “flavour, personality and being self-demanding”. The flavour of powerful recipes with many nuances; the personality that allows you to reproduce dishes from any corner of the world with local products or a dish from Malaga with the most exotic ingredients; and the demand to please and surprise.

Signature Cuisine Available For All!

Signature cuisine, haute cuisine, tasting menus… are concepts that may sound alien for the average person. However, Yubá brings the most surprising and innovative flavours to all palates. Mario Rosado invites you to visit his house “without prejudices and with a willingness to be advised”.

Such has been Yuba’s impact in the local gastronomic scene that, once again, the local newspaper La Opinión de Málaga echoes its dishes on its gastronomic section El Delantal. This time to unveil one of our chef’s latest and most valued dishes: the irresistible Rabbit dumpling with garlic, chocolate, raspberry and chestnuts. Will you dare reproduce it? Release the cook inside you and surprise everyone at home with this Yuba’s haute cuisine symbol..

But, if cooking is not your thing, our Malaga restaurant will always be open to surprise and delight locals and visitors alike. We will be waiting for you!

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