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Food Menu: An Exquisite Weekly Selection in Yubá and Bendito

Are you looking for a good food menu in the city centre? We know that this can be a really difficult task, especially in summer! This time of the year Malaga restaurants are likely to be full of clients regardless of the weekday. The parade of activities may be overwhelming, even for those enjoying their holidays. That’s why in Málaga Premium Hotel we want to offer our clients the best possible stress-free experience. So that they can relax with us and enjoy our weekly selection of dishes.

Whether you’re visiting the city or working in it, there’s nothing better than taking a break from the intense rhythm of summer days and escape routine. Enjoy any of our exquisite food menus in our Malaga restaurants. We want to offer you unique moments with your mind focused solely on the food’s amazing flavours and the incredible views to the Iglesia de San Juan in the very heart of Malaga. Surely the icing on the cake!

Food Menu at Yubá: Delicacies on a Daily Basis

One of our more centric Malaga restaurants is the Yubá restaurant that offers you a perfect view of San Juan street through its large windows. These surroundings will seem to take you back in time while, at the same time, you will be surprised with our modern and innovative creations. Besides, from Tuesday to Friday you can enjoy our special selection with our food menu, which is renewed every week for you to always have the opportunity to be surprised. Do you feel like eating something different at a good price and without leaving downtown Malaga?

With exotic dishes like Roasted chicken arepa with basil sour cream and pickled onion or Gilthead seabream with tarragon cream sauce and rice Pilaf, Yuba’s proposal is a total luxury accessible to everyone. The menu consists of three dishes with flavours from different parts of the world combined with exclusive ingredients. A little joy to escape routine.

Are you getting hungry? In our next food menu delicious starters wait for you like Roasted pork Poh Piah with vegetables and cheese with jalapenos or an exotic Roasted chicken arepa with basil sour cream and pickled onion; exquisite main courses like Hake with coconut, curry and peanut’s bechamel sauce with basmati rice or Home-cooked cavatellis with pork ribs and dolce gorgonzola, and don’t forget about our tasty desserts like our Pear ice-cream with red wine slushie  or Vanilla Norwegian cake and meringue… Come and find out the rest of the dishes!

Our Casual Bendito Malaga Restaurant: A Menu with a Light-Hearted Touch

If you’re wondering which Malaga restaurant to choose for lunch, we’re here to help you! In Málaga Premium Hotel you can also visit our Bendito restaurant, with a light-hearted Asian touch. With our special sushi take-away offer, Bendito gives you every week a food menu from Monday to Friday with delicious and creative dishes.

Have you ever tried a Wrapped avocado garlic soup and mango sorbet? And what about a Baked gilthead seabream with ratatouille and cane honey ali-oli? Tempting, isn’t it? Come and try our menu and you’ll be amazed with our chef’s weekly creative dishes!

Don’t think more about other Malaga restaurants and enjoy an incredible lunch at Málaga Premium Hotel! We recommend you book your table in advance. Don’t you know how to reach us? Here’s our phone number 951 90 29 84 so you can book and here you have a video about how to get here. We are waiting for you!

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