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Our Malaga Restaurant Joins the “A Solidarity Menu from the Malaga Hotel and Catering Industry for Christmas” Initiative

As every year, Malaga shows its Christmas solidarity. Many charity soup kitchens and associations prepare and distribute solidarity menus for the most vulnerable families in the city. Our Malaga restaurant wanted to do its bit by preparing part of the more than 2,300 menus that were distributed throughout the province. In addition, our Yubá and Bendito restaurants offered exquisite solidarity dishes on their menus in aid of CUDECA. Read on to find out more about our social work.

A Solidarity Menu from the Malaga Hotel and Catering Industry at Christmas

Despite the difficulties posed by 2020, neither the social distancing, nor the uncertainty, nor the face masks have been able to stop the Christmas solidarity work of the people from Malaga. Every year many charity soup kitchens and associations prepare and distribute food on these special days so that no dish is missing on the table at Christmas Eve. This year, the initiative “A Solidarity Menu from the Malaga Hotel and Catering Industry for Christmas” was promoted to support the work of institutions with a great deal of experience such as Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche. This project belonged to Gastrosuma 2020 and was developed by CaixaBank, “la Caixa” Foundation and Lumen Proyectos Gastronómicos.

Thanks to this initiative and the collaboration with Malaga’s City Council and the MAHOS association, as well as 35 restaurants and 3 bakeries in the province, more than 2,300 menus and dozens of bags full of non-perishable foodstuffs ware distributed on what has been classified as one of the most charitable Christmas Eves.

Naturally, among the restaurants that participated in this initiative was our Bendito Malaga restaurant which, on behalf of Malaga Premium Hotel, contributed with 80 Christmas menus with a very Premium touch. In addition, this solidarity menu included Christmas classics and Malaga local dishes such as Seafood soup with croutons, Cuttlefish in almond sauce and Iberian pork cheeks with orange sauce and cane syrup, as well as Christmas breads and desserts. Everything you need to enjoy Christmas!

Our Malaga Restaurant and Their Solidarity Dishes for CUDECA

At Malaga Premium Hotel we try to be supportive and to participate in a large number of social projects. So, not only did we take part in this beautiful initiative in Malaga, but we made sure to go the extra mile.

In particular, we were interested in the incredible solidarity work of the CUDECA foundation, which every year assists and accompanies more than 1,600 patients and their families who are facing very painful situations. Since their beginnings, they have been able to serve more than 17,000 people.

With the aim of helping this foundation, in our Malaga restaurants we have included two solidarity dishes that you can enjoy both in Yubá and Bendito. Let your solidarity run free at Yubá with the Japanese carbonara Xiaolongbao with bacon and candied enokis, an exotic and delicious delicacy. Or, if you prefer, come over to Bendito and savour our Russian salad with tuna belly, edamame beans and mayo with an organic EVOO Finca de la Torre. Both dishes participate in our solidarity initiative and part of the price is donated to the CUDECA foundation.

What do you think of our social work? Have you shown your Christmas solidarity and tasted the special CUDECA dishes? If you have not yet done so and would like to do your bit, do not hesitate to visit our Malaga restaurants. We will be waiting for you!

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