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5 Reasons to Go to the Beach in Winter in Malaga

Do you think going to the beach in winter doesn’t make sense? Malaga, as you know, is a city widely known for its fantastic beaches, although we usually enjoy them in summer. However, the beach is not only meant for summer and heat, it is also the perfect place to stroll or enjoy a pleasant winter day. Besides, going to the beach in winterhas lots of benefits. If, when wondering between beach and mountain, your answer is always “beach!”, keep reading.

Avoid the Crowds

The first reason why going to the beach in winter is an excellent idea is, precisely, that winter is low season, and that means that the beach will be almost empty for you. If you want to get away from the daily rush, take your time to read a good book or even take a pleasant walk along the shore, this is a perfect time. In addition, if the weather permits, you can sunbathe moderately. Enjoy the sound of waves and find the peace you were looking for. What if you also take the opportunity to meditate for a while?

Walk Your Pets

Another great advantage of going to the beach in winter in Malaga is that, since it is not very crowded, it is the ideal time to walk your pets. If you are one of those who love watching their pet run through the sand or enjoy a pleasant dip, a winter day is a perfect occasion to do so. You can have fun without disturbing anyone, as it is very likely that you are alone or even accompanied by other furry friends. Of course, do not forget to check before if pets are allowed on the beach where you go.

Take the Opportunity to Do Some Exercise

There’s nothing like playing sports on the beach in winter. The sand on the beach is perfect for strolling along the shore, but also for practising other types of sports. Footfall impact is much less on the sand, so it reduces injuries and, since it is an irregular surface, makes the muscles work much harder. And let’s not talk about its exfoliating effect on bare feet! In addition, if you have the right equipment to face the cold, you can also practise water sports: swimming, surfing, paddle surfing, etc.

Sunbathe for a While

As you know, moderate sun exposure has multiple health benefits. You receive the necessary dose of vitamin D and it improves the quality of your sleep or recharges your batteries and optimism to face everyday life. However, you should be cautious when sunbathing. It is always advisable to use sun protection and limit the exposure time to a maximum of 15 minutes. After this interval, you can continue enjoying the other benefits of going to the beach in winter.

Take a Good Dip

Although bathing in the sea in winter seems to be suitable only for the bravest, its multiple benefits will help you feel better. It fights daily stress and reduces insomnia, but it also strengthens the bones. In addition, cold water is perfect for improving blood circulation and strengthening the immune system that prevents the dreaded colds. And it also uplifts and brightens the skin! What more could you ask from the sea?

Now that you know all the benefits of going to the beach in winter, you won’t want to miss the best beaches in Malaga to go to this season. Take good note of all our tips and enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach. And, if after a busy day at the beach, you need to recharge your batteries, you can do so in our restaurants in downtown Malaga, Yubá and Bendito. The grand finale for a great winter day, don’t you think?

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