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Costa del Sol and the Beaches – Discover 7 Sea Paradises in Malaga

The Costa del Sol and its 160 kilometres (100 miles) of beaches never let tourists, visitors or locals down. Our beaches have a lot to offer: sun, nice water temperature, a perfect summer atmosphere and, of course, the chiringuitos, which are typical beach restaurants where you can enjoy the most traditional fish dishes. As Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol (the sunny coast), we enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year, allowing anyone to dive in our beaches regardless of the season, even in winter!

This is why Malaga Premium Hotel wants to provide you with this useful guide on the most paradise-like beaches in Malaga and Costa del Sol, so you will surely live a #experienciaPremium (a Premium experience!) lying on the sand. If you are staying at our hotel in Malaga downtown, you can get to La Malagueta beach in a minute, as this beach is located next to the city centre at a walk distance from our hotel. However, we would like to get you further and give you some tips on some of the most remote, deserted and special beaches on the region. Their crystal clear waters and their stunning locations will quickly help you disconnect from the hustle of the city life!

Did you take your sunblock? Let’s go then!

1) Calahonda Beach, Nerja

Despite being a little cove, Calahonda beach, in Nerja, is a paradise placed right on the core of this beautiful village, the easternmost one on La Axarquia region. This wonderful beach, with beautiful rock formations and warm and clear waters, is located right next to the Balcon de Europa (literally, the Europe’s Balcony), the most famous viewpoint in the area with outstanding ocean views,. Calahonda beach is quite popular and it is much-visited during the summer, but thanks to this village’s unique climate, you can enjoy it at any season of the year.

Calahonda Beach (Nerja)

2) Las Alberquillas Beach, Maro      

Las Alberquillas is a 500 metres long (a third of a mile) beach located in Nerja’s neighbouring district of Maro and surrounded by a little cove with the same name. This beach offers clear, turquoise waters and is a perfect destination for diving and snorkel enthusiasts, that will be amazed by the variety and amount of fishes. Here you can find many underwater caves and original rock formations that active visitors can explore in a day. Also, it is an optional nudist beach.

La Playa de Las Alberquillas, Maro

3) Maro Beach

Maro beach, located in what is known as La Cala de Maro (Maro Cove), is one of the most amazing beaches in Spain and Andalusia. Thanks to its easy access, its nature and its high quality water , there is no wonder why it is one of the favourite options for locals and visitors. In 2013, a Spanish TV broadcaster launched a survey looking for the best beaches in Spain. Maro was picked by the audience as the first one in Andalusia and the second one in Spain. It is hard to think about a better place even if you try. This strip of coastline is protected including the water area, what, together with the ban on fishing, ensures a rich underwater life. It is a perfect spot for water activities such as diving and kayaking, which amaze participants, thanks to its beautifully drawn cliffs and the waterfalls falling from them.

La Playa de Maro

4) Maro Cliffs

We decided to reserve a paragraph for the beaches of Maro, because this little village possesses some paradise-like spots. Its coastline consists mainly of cliffs, with some taller than 250m (820ft.), that enclose many hidden coves in which you can lose yourself for the day. El Cañuelo or El Pin are some of those coves you should not miss. Whether on top of the cliffs or down at sea level, this wild and untouched coastline, offering turquoises waters and a wide variety of water sports (including diving, snorkel, kayaking, paddle surf…), provides the best sunsets in Malaga. The beach accesses are not fit for everyone, so get prepared for a delicate way down; the reward is well worth it, though, as you will find an amazingly conserved landscape and a desirable solitude.

Los Acantilados de Maro

5) Dunes of Artola, Cabopino (Marbella)

Let’s head west! In Marbella we will find one of those rare moving and fossil dunes in Malaga: the dunes of Artola, a natural monument since 2001, and a wonderful example of what the coast of Malaga once was, long ago, way before the “building rush”. Torre Ladrones awaits at the entrance of the beach, like guarding its stunning landscape, far from modern buildings. The marina of Cabopino is nearby, eastward. This is a perfect beach to enjoy in family, which also provides a nudist area. Furthermore, when you are tired of lying on the sand, you can take on some sporting activities, available on the dunes.

Dunas de Artola (Marbella)

6) Bil-Bil Beach, Benalmadena

Located right in the middle of Benalmadena, this fine-grain beach got its name from the red castle that catches everyone’s attention, due to the Arabic style it portrays. Built in 1927, this castle is now an exhibition gallery. The best of this beach is the stunning location, with its unique promenade and its exceptional views.

Playa de Bil-Bil (Benalmádena)

7) El Cable Beach, Marbella

Are you looking for uncrowded beaches? We have them too! Head to the sandbank of El Cable beach, in Marbella, and enjoy its serenity. It is perfect for kids, thank to its shallow waters. During summer days, it offers many different activities, from volleyball tournaments to sandcastle contests, just to mention some. Here you will also find anything you may need on a beach day: showers, shades rental, sunbeds, cleaning service and, of course, assorted sport equipments.

Playa de El Cable (Marbella)

What then? Did you take your swimsuit and towel and are you ready to go? You will not regret visiting any of these beaches during your stay at our hotel in Malaga. And remember, you can now book your room in Malaga downtown at Malaga Premium Hotel. Enjoy our city and everything it has to offer: culture, history, entertainment, beaches, and much more!

As always, at Malaga Premium Hotel we are always at your service and will help you with anything you need. Ask about everything you want to know!

Malaga Beaches during Covid: Rules and Measures for Accessing the Beaches

This summer we must be very aware of the health crisis we’re living and follow all the covid rules in Malaga beaches. For this reason, from our hotel in Malaga, we have compiled the different measures that are being established to ensure safe access to the beaches. Take note!

Check the Capacity of the Malaga Beaches during Covid on your Smartphone

In order to control the capacity of the entire coast of Malaga, a free mobile application, Aforo Costa del Sol, has been enabled, which allows knowing the occupation level of the beaches in Malaga and other data about the state of the sea. In addition, the different councils of the province have introduced a series of measures to guarantee safety on Malaga’s beaches, ranging from limiting capacity or installing information panels to control by lifeguards.

It is very important to respect the minimum safety distance of 2 metres between the different users of the public space and, to this end, some councils have chosen to divide up the sand areas and establish corridors for the transit of people. In addition, groups may not exceed 15 members and, in some cases, will be limited to a few umbrellas. Furthermore, the use of awnings, tents or similar structures, as well as the practice of sports or games in groups and on the shore, is prohibited.

Other Covid Rules in Malaga Beaches

It is also recommended not to stay more than 4 hours on the beaches of Malaga, because of the covid. In crowded areas, access will be controlled by opening hours for the beaches or by lifeguards. In addition, depending on the council, the use of barbecues or recreational elements on the beaches will not be permitted.

It is very important that we follow all the sanitary measures established in Malaga’s beaches during the covid pandemic, in order to stay safe while we enjoy a pleasant day in our most paradisiacal beaches.

Costa del Sol and the Beaches – Discover 7 Sea Paradises in Malaga
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Costa del Sol and the Beaches – Discover 7 Sea Paradises in Malaga
The Costa del Sol and its 160 kilometres (100 miles) of beaches never let tourists, visitors or locals down. Our beaches have a lot to offer in summer.

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