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White Night with gastronomic events in Malaga

During the White Night 2024 in Malaga, we suggest a gastronomic journey through the senses. Thanks to Bendito restaurant, you can visit different parts of the world through a themed dinner prepared by our renowned kitchen team. Do you want to participate in this journey? Read on and don’t miss this gastronomic event in Malaga!

The White Night allows you to go around a world of flavours

Bendito never ceases to surprise. The restaurant has prepared different areas of the Malaga Premium Hotel and the restaurant itself, so you can visit other parts of Europe without leaving the hotel. You can get to know these spots at each table through the senses, history, and gastronomy of these beautiful places. You will have the opportunity to visit many areas, from the Andalusian patios to the lovely and romantic Italy, passing through the green meadows of Provence and the gloomy medieval streets of Belgium, stopping in a relaxing forest. And all without leaving our gastronomic hotel!

The White Night in Malaga tastes international

This European tour will be led by our chef Mario Rosado, who has carefully prepared this menu to share his gastronomic knowledge so that you can discover new delicacies from every corner of the continent. Let’s meet the different environments that you will find on this trip so that you can whet your appetite:

A route that will allow you to transport yourself to the different points through typical dishes at each stop along the way. Are you going to miss it?

Book your gastronomic experience now at Bendito

Preámbulo, the Non-Agenda of Grupo Premium, suggests this gastronomic trip through Europe on Saturday, May 18th, during the White Night in Malaga 2024, from 8:00 p.m. We will be waiting for you in the hall of the Malaga Premium Hotel, where you will have a pass every 20 minutes, and you will be able to enjoy the culinary journey for an hour and a half. You don’t need to pack your bags or prepare your passports, but don’t forget to book in advance! How can you do it? It’s simple: you can fill in the form, call at 951 90 29 84, or email us to We will be waiting for you!

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