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Weekend Getaway for Couples with Hotel and Premium Tasting Menu

If your ideal weekend getaway as a couple is to enjoy a romantic yet exquisite dinner in one of the most charming hotels in the capital of Malaga, you are in luck. In mid-September, we launched a double room pack with a tasting menu for you and your beloved one. A romantic dinner never goes out of style, much less if it is at Bendito: the restaurant that promotes the local cuisine always looking for that special haute cuisine twist. Are you curious about it? Let us tell you all the details:

First Stop of Your Weekend Getaway as a Couple: Gastronomic Tasting at Bendito

There are few things in life that we like so much and make us as happy as a good meal. And much better if it is with your partner because if shared, good experiences are even better. Besides, if the menu also includes local and quality products with a creative twist that puts a smile on your face, it must undoubtedly be Bendito‘s new gastronomic proposal. A tasting menu that honours the most popular dishes of our land and with which you and your partner will keep smiling throughout the evening.

menu for a romantic weekend getaway at bendito's restaurant

You will start with a Russian salad with tuna confit in EVOO, beans and piparra peppers, for the delight of the senses and the best snack as an appetizer. The next one will be the village toast. Exactly, probably you have never heard about the name of that dish but rest assured after tasting it you won’t forget it. That is because the mix of crystal bread, Iberian torreznos, onion with Oloroso wine and sweet mustard is an experience that must be lived again. The monkfish croquettes covered with saffron, which are capable of delighting the most renowned anti-fried foodies, will also take part in the evening and introduce the last savoury and master dish of the night: glazed red tuna belly with caramelized ratatouille and country egg. To finish up, the dessert will be one of the favourites of those with a sweet tooth: custard foam covered with caramel and sponge cake with cinnamon.

Second Stop of Your Weekend Getaway as a Couple: Malaga’s Nightlife

After having dinner, the best choice to wash it all down is a walk through downtown Malaga to discover the beauty of Malaga’s nightlife. And this is exactly what you will be able to do from Malaga Premium Hotel, which has a central location that will be your starting point to easily reach emblematic places of the city such as Malaga Cathedral, Tribuna de los Pobres, Carmen Thyssen Museum and Puente de los Alemanes, among others.

If you prefer to wash it all down by drinking a cocktail and dancing to the sound of the latest hits, La Terraza de San Juan, located on the fifth and last floor of our boutique hotel, is the perfect place to conclude your getaway as a couple in the heights. Because the amazing views of the Malaga skyline culminated by the Church of San Juan and the Montes de Malaga will welcome you when reaching the top of our hotel. If you pass by, we recommend you to try Manhattan San Juan, with elderflower liqueur, orange bitter, Campari and Catrina, which contains mezcal, tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.

Last Stop of Your Weekend Getaway as a Couple: Double Room at Malaga Premium Hotel

There is no better place to end the night than in your spectacular double room where you will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay in a modern and contemporary space. In addition, if you want to surprise your partner you can request extra services such as a bottle of champagne with chocolates or a bottle of cava that will top your weekend getaway.

So, what is the way to enjoy this double room and tasting menu pack? It is very simple, you can get it once you book your room from mid-September and, during the stay, the reception desk will reach out to confirm when you would like to try the tasting menu. Keep in mind that if you are staying more than a night, the tasting menu pack will only include a lunch or dinner.

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