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Rooftop Bar in Malaga: Showcooking Event in Malaga with Costa Rican Products

The event organisation in Malaga is still a major attraction for premises from Premium Group. Our experience, services and flexibility make our restaurants and rooftop bars in Malaga the perfect backdrop for any kind of events.

Let’s take as an example this event organisation in Malaga by PROCOMER, Puerto de Algeciras, AEHCOS, Asociación de Hoteleros de Malaga and the Centro Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Torremolinos-Costa del Sol. Don’t you know what we are talking about? Read on and we’ll tell you all about this event with showcooking in Malaga downtown, where Andalusian and Costa Rican products merge with chef Mario Rosado’s virtuosity.

Showcooking event in Malaga Premium Hotel and La Terraza de San Juan

On June 10, PROCOMER (Promoter of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica), and the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras, with the collaboration of AEHCOS, MAHOS, the Centro Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Torremolinos-Costa del Sol and the rooftop bar in Malaga Premium Hotel, as the organiser of this event, held a showcooking event in Malaga intending to promote the collaboration of these entities under the name “Costa Rica and Andalusia, fusion of flavours. A Small Country with a Great Vision”.

The goal of the event was to promote the exports of the American country and to showcase its products in the domestic market. To do so, the chef from Yubá went up onto La Terraza de San Juan to lead the showcooking in Malaga Premium Hotel. He designed a menu that combined Andalusian gastronomy with elements from Malaga cuisine, including products from Costa Rica. Finally, attendees could taste a series of cocktails, together with exotic dishes such as Fried Banana Slice, Granny’s Pringá with Mint or Chayote Ceviche.

Event Organisation in Malaga Premium Hotel

At the event “Costa Rica and Andalusia, fusion of flavours”, Premium Group once again boasted about its expertise and virtuosity. Tens of guests could enjoy chef Mario Rosado’s showcooking thanks to our capabilities to organise events in Malaga Premium Hotel.

Our spaces and our staff always work closely to offer the best services, whatever the event. In this event, La Terraza de San Juan became an open-air kitchen in which chefs could work seamlessly: combining the space their job requires with the closeness the viewer wants to see in a showcooking like this one. The aromas and sounds can’t be missed during the cooking process!

Your next special event may not require as much infrastructure as a showcooking in Malaga downtown, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of our gastro-hotel facilities. Don’t think twice and leave the organisation of your event in Malaga to us! Call us, tell us what you have in mind and let us do our magic. We will be waiting for you!

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