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Our Rooftop Bar in Malaga Celebrated a Showcooking Dinner for Our Second Anniversary

Our rooftop bar in Malaga dressed up last 10th July to organize in Malaga the event of our second anniversary in a big way: a delicious dinner with showcooking. Malaga gave us a wonderful summer night and we could enjoy all the ingredients that make up Malaga Premium Hotel: quality, gastronomy, cocktails and service.

Do you want to know more about this special event? Keep reading and we will show you all the surprises that our anniversary night had in store.

Our Rooftop Bar Hosted in Malaga the Event of Our Second Anniversary

La Terraza de San Juan welcomed 30 lucky guests to celebrate our second anniversary. Two years ago we were pioneers in the historic city centre by establishing ourselves as the first gastro-hotel in Malaga.

In these two years we have created a space that combines a boutique hotel accommodation, two innovative restaurants and a rooftop bar in Malaga with a chill-out atmosphere and an exclusive cocktail bar. And we have also shared all kinds of events filled with joy. As you would expect, we wanted the event in Malaga Premium Hotel to keep up with everything that this anniversary means to us and to you.

A Great Event in Malaga: Our Second Anniversary in Malaga Premium Hotel’s Rooftop Bar

At our boutique hotel we care about details, even the smallest ones. We know every great event deserves a party of those that make history and where details make a difference. That’s why our kitchen team, led by the chef Mario Rosado, prepared a very special menu to delight our guests while they were enjoying the chill-out atmosphere of our rooftop bar in Malaga.

Did you run out of table for this great event? We don’t want to touch a raw nerve but our second anniversary’s menu proved to be a gastronomic display of our amazing Yubá team that few others can match. As an appetiser, our chef chose two very exotic starters: Mars de foie with liquid peanut and Nepalese pepper and Poh piah of smoked duck and candied mushrooms. Then, the first course consisting of Jalapeño gazpacho and little green tomatoes, cured red prawn gyoza and purple sisho let us taste a dish with intense and unique flavours. Definitely, the best choice to intensely enjoy a summer night in our rooftop bar in Malaga. Besides, the selection of the second course consisting of Seabass at 60 degrees, black sepia papardelle and aged parmesan foam left us astonished. To finish, this menu also included an amazing dessert, our chef’s ‘burning’ star.

Showcooking in Malaga to Finish up an Unforgettable Dinner

But if you think that was all, you are very much mistaken! The organisers of this Malaga event made a great effort to keep the memory of this very special night alive in our minds for a long time. To achieve this, the Yubá team had to do more than offering this incredible menu, they also needed to entertain the evening with a showcooking. In Malaga Premium Hotel our guests had an extraordinary time! And, of course, they could taste these courses with the perfect cocktail pairing, by courtesy of our professional barmen team.


In conclusion, all the surprises of our anniversary night at the rooftop bar in Malaga resulted in an unforgettable party for our guests and also for all the professionals, who make it possible for you to live a Premium experience on a daily basis. A relaxed atmosphere in our chill-out rooftop bar, a selection of International dishes, a perfect cocktail pairing, an excellent service and even showcooking. In Malaga Premium Hotel we are counting the days to the next event and we hope you’ll be joining us again!

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