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Hotel gastronómico en Málaga

Our Gastro Hotel: Fine Cuisine Next to You

The gastro hotel concept in Malaga is fairly new. A while ago it was very common that tourists coming to the city or people who didn’t stay in a hotel couldn’t enjoy these restaurants. Luckily, this has changed and foodies don’t have to think too much when looking for a place to have a quality food holidays in Malaga at the best price.

The gastro hotels appearance has been a real game-changer to the hotel industry and its clients. Nowadays, hotels have the option to offer their restaurant, leisure and wellness services not only to their guests but also to the general public. Our rooftop terraces in Malaga are a clear example. A point of reference for the locals, who enjoy the rooftop bars intensively without staying in the hotel.

Diario Sur and La Opinión have highlighted the uniqueness of our Yubá restaurant, where we can discover flavours from other parts of the worlds, with our chef making this accessible to everyone.

The Most Daring Dishes in Our Gastro Hotel According to Diario Sur

Among the remarkable aspects of our gastro hotel, the newspaper’s section Málaga en la mesa emphasizes the peaceful views through the large windows of our Yubá restaurant. Opposite the Iglesia de San Juan, in the heart of Malaga, you can watch some of the old town’s iconic places. Apart from enjoying the culture through the sense of sight, we can delight our palate with the delicacies of the menu, designed by our professional chef Mario Rosado.

Málaga Premium Hotel aparece en el Diario Sur como el único hotel gastronomico de MálagaDiario Sur explains that the restaurant offers a saucy menu with dishes for sharing and eating with your hands. At the same time the newspaper describes some of our most exotic dishes like black iberian pig gyozas or scallops aguachile, not forgetting more traditional recipes like chivo lacado or guisillo de trigo. These are spiced dishes with a saucy and fresh touch.

La Opinión Emphasizes the Innovation in Malaga Restaurants as a Starting Point

On the other hand, the newspaper La Opinion, in its section El Delantal, explains the evolution of these kind of hotels. In former times they offered quite expensive menus without any sort of innovation and poor quality dishes. Far from what they think about our gastro hotel…

In this article, they describe our Bendito coffee bar and how the atmosphere invites you to taste our breakfast, executive menus and sushi. After that, they say that our restaurant Yubá has made the right choice including dishes from different places like Japan or Vietnam. Feeling so comfy that you want to leave the room? It’s okay because our room service has a surprise for you: a menu based on fresh sushi.

Shortly after Malaga Premium Hotel’s first year of life, our restaurant Yubá has become a reference for every passer-by who wants to make a stop to rest and enjoy the city’s typical gastronomy as well as dishes from other places in the world. Thanks to the imagination of our chef Mario Rosado, our dishes are full of audacity and harmony to satisfy even the more conservative palates and also those who are looking for new experiences.

Hotel gastronómico en MálagaIf you have ever considered where to eat in Malaga, this is your opportunity to discover Yubá (if you still haven’t). After a pleasant meal on the first floor, we invite you to go upstairs to the terrace, where a wide variety of cocktails and drinks await you along with the outstanding views to the Iglesia de San Juan. And if the surroundings, the locals and the gastronomy seduce you, why not enjoy them a bit more by staying in our hotel? Come and visit us!

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