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Feria de Malaga 2018: Live It on Our Rooftop in Malaga

The Feria de Malaga 2018 is here! And like every August, Malaga dresses up to celebrate it. Our gastro-hotel Malaga Premium Hotel won’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the Feria de Malaga 2018 on La Terraza de San Juan. Our rooftop in Malaga city centre will offer, one more year, everything you need for the Feria to be Premium again!

We invite you to enjoy this local festivity, which year after year offers a much better experience in the city centre. Are you going to miss it?

The Feria de Malaga 2018 from Our Rooftop in Malaga City Centre

Be the first to celebrate the beginning of the Feria de Málaga. At midnight on Friday, 10th of August, when the last firework appears in the dark sky and the firecracker stops, the Feria will officially start on our rooftop in Malaga.

On the 10th of August begins the Feria de Malaga 2018 with the traditional pregón: a moving speech that formally opens the event. This year the speech will be given by the local novelist Pablo Aranda and, after that, Malaga will receive the fair with the usual firework show, a spectacle of light and colour.

Don’t you know where to admire this beautiful late-night spectacle? We’ll make it easy for you. Come to La Terraza de San Juan in the heart of Malaga and watch the event from the top of the city centre in an enviable surrounding. Don’t forget to complete your experience with the wide variety of cocktails that our professional bartenders offer. Does it get any better? For starters, come to our rooftop in Malaga on Thursday, 9th of August and watch Pedro García do stunts with his cocktail shaker.

But there are more surprises… If you look for a place to have lunch in Malaga during the Feria, the 13th of August our Yubá restaurant opens its doors during normal business hours. Call and get a table! Besides, we will offer a paella tasting on Tuesday, 14th August on La Terraza de San Juan.

And we have plans as well for the best ending of such long-awaited festivity. On Wednesday, 22th August we organize from 9 pm a Tropical Party with exotic dishes and cocktails for pairing.

The Feria de Malaga 2018 Comes with Countless Events

But the important thing now is our Feria de Málaga 2018. Celebrations on the occasion of the Feria will spread until Sunday, 19th August. During these days, locals and visitors can enjoy everything Malaga provides and much more. Local gastronomy, folkloric music and the locals’ joy.

But also there is room to innovate in such traditional festivity. On the Feria de Malaga 2018 agenda, for example, we find more than 20 live performances of all styles you can imagine. And this is only in the city centre!

If you look for a designer setting with the best cocktails while you enjoy your favourite local festivity, our chill-out rooftop terrace becomes your best ally. We are waiting for you!

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