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Our Gastrobar in Málaga Becomes a Gastronomic Reference at Street-Level

A Restaurant in Malaga with a Unique Proposal

A different gastronomic proposal, in which you can find Malaga dishes but renovated, such as the Russian salad with roasted tuna loin, homemade preserves, edamame, black olive powder and EVOO mayonnaise or products native to Malaga such as matalahúga, integrated into our Foie Micuit, Plum cake of matalahúga and strawberry jam with Tahitian vanilla.

Thus, in Bendito you will taste the authentic local cuisine, characterized by taste, creativity and good work. You can also ask for our off-the-menu: dishes in which we take advantage of the best that the market offers us every day to put it at your table.

A place to enjoy at any time of day? Our Bendito restaurant in Malaga. Be it a quick nibble at our characteristic bar, as well as sitting quietly at one of our tables, enjoying a relaxed meal in company, or even on the terrace. You have plenty of options! At Bendito you can have a healthy breakfast before starting the day, relax with some pints and snacks before lunch or finish the lunch break at work with our heart-warming dishes. And to finish the day off, dare to try our exquisite drinks for the ultimate Malaga afternoon plan. Or enjoy a great nibble dinner paired with cocktails at sunset.

You’ll feel its bohemian-looking décor and warm and welcoming lighting like a hug as they give way to a more nocturnal atmosphere. We want to make you feel at home! Finally, do not forget to explore all the culinary options in Malaga Premium Hotel, the first gastronomic hotel in the city: its Bendito restaurant, and its new Yubá Experience, in the very heart of Malaga.

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