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SICTED Label: Our Malaga Hotel Receives this Tourist Quality Award

The SICTED label, a tourist quality certificate promoted by the Secretariat of State of Tourism, is now at the entrance of our Malaga hotel. Thanks to our effort to make the tourist quality of our gastro-hotel exceptional, we have been awarded with the SICTED label in 2019. We are very proud to have won this award and we want to let you know a little bit more about this label. Come and share this big moment with us!

SICTED Label: An Award to Our Commitment to Tourist Quality

The SICTED label (the Spanish Integral System of Tourist Quality) awards those tourist destinies —like our gastro-hotel— that meet the requirements of their control system. Together with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), the aim of this entity is to improve the tourist’s experience as much as possible.

The SICTED label is also awarded to those hotels that follow the guidelines included in different good practice handbooks for tourist quality. Some of the requirements for this label are training plans, technical assistance from consultants, collective workshops and work groups. Once the company has fulfilled all of them, an evaluation is carried out so they can be awarded with the SICTED label of tourist quality.

Our Malaga hotel is committed to offering excellent tourist quality and that is why the SICTED label is so special to us. However, what is more important to us is having met those quality standards and being able to keep offering the best service to our clients so they leave our gastro-hotel with a smile on their face. We want you to have a good memory of your stay!

Our Malaga Hotel Proudly Receives the SICTED Label of Tourist Quality

The SICTED label distinguishes us from other Malaga hotels as an establishment whose priority is the well-being and tourist quality of its visitors. This award is a recognition for our hard work to make the experience in our gastro-hotel outstanding.

This SICTED label puts us again ahead of the hotel sector in Malaga. The Premium Group has always characterized itself for innovating and implementing quick changes to improve its services, which makes us a pioneering company when it comes to offering a great experience for tourists. Visit our Malaga hotel this spring and discover what has flourished in our facilities thanks to our commitment to tourist quality.

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