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The New Yubá Restaurant Menu for the 2019 Spring Season: A Surprising Renovation

Our Malaga restaurant renews its menu! The new Yubá restaurant menu will be available soon and we cannot help telling you everything about it. As every spring, Yubá reviews its gastronomic offer and adds exquisite dishes with seasonal products. This enables us to keep on developing our innovative and signature cuisine concepts.

This spring you will not have any doubt when planning where to eat in Malaga with the most varied fusion cuisine. Do you want to know when the new Yubá restaurant menu will be available? Read on because we have a great surprise for the haute cuisine lovers.

New Yubá Menu: Our Malaga Restaurant Is Brimming This Spring Season

We can’t hold it any longer: the new Yubá restaurant menu will be available at our hotel in Malaga from Wednesday, 13th March. This new Yubá menu offers new dishes and flavours, but does not forget its origins. Fusion cuisine with intense flavours that make you travel around the world with just one bite.

By way of example: How about the Grilled scallop with smoked butter, Sichuan salt and minced piparra peppers? Our mouth waters with this seafood dish with smoked butter and mixed with the well-known Korean kimchee. Now, if you fancy a reinvented classic, our chef proposes the Japanese carbonara xiaolongbao with bacon and candied enokis, a dish based on Asian cuisine that renews the Italian classic… Marco Polo won’t believe his taste buds! Eat Italy and Asia in one bite!

Our Malaga restaurant is as seaworthy as the city. That is why we don’t forget fish dishes as flavourful as the Blue sea tomato tartare, chinese spring onion and ceviche style jurela aburi. A breath of air, fresher than a sea breeze.

The Creative Cuisine at Our Malaga Restaurant

In addition to fusion cuisine, another pillar of Yubá’s cuisine are the innovation and creativity of its dishes. Dishes that play tricks on the palate, eyes and nose are not rare at Yubá. On this area, the kitchen team gets wild with desserts.

For example, the Walnuts-Ratafia liquor-Carob a trompe l’oeil consisting of a walnut, with its shell, made from walnut mousse and green walnut brandy (ratafia), herbs and spices. Or the one that promises to be the new Yubá restaurant menu sensation: Wonderland without Alice. A giant, colourful nougat mushroom, with peppermint earth textures that is finished at the table, before your very eyes. And this is just a sample of everything you can find in the restaurant’s new menu.

We are launching it, on the occasion of the spring arrival, this coming Wednesday March 13th, but you can already explore it to discover all the delicious additions.

We did not forget! We promised you surprises and we are keeping our word.

Presentation Dinner at Our Malaga Restaurant

Our new menu will be launched on March 13th, but we needed something more to do justice to this new menu for which we have worked so hard. For this reason, we decided that on Thursday, March 21st, at 9:00 p.m., we will organize a presentation dinner with wine pairing to welcome the new Yubá restaurant menu in style.

During this dinner, not only will you be able to try some of the new dishes from the menu, because it also includes a well-thought wine pairing so that you can enjoy each ingredient to the maximum.

If a dinner with wine pairing is not enough, what do you think about Mario Rosado being around? Our chef, who worked on the new menu design and elaboration, will explain each dish so that you can discover the secrets of its ingredients and elaborations. An authentic culinary experience worthy of Malaga’s first gastro-hotel.

To sum up, discover the new Yubá menu visiting us from next March 13th. In addition, if you want to enjoy haute cuisine at its best, hurry up and book your table by calling (+34) 951 90 29 85 or send us an email at Do not wait and experience it yourself!

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