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Social Commitment and Cooking: Our Malaga Hotel Teaches Cooking Lessons for the Arrabal-AID Association

Social commitment is reflected through actions carried out by organisms and people in order to develop their community. In short, it is a voluntary activity in favour of the general welfare over the particular. Since the beginnings of Malaga Premium Hotel and Premium Group, our Malaga hotel has cooperated with several associations and organisms in different programmes of social commitment in order to offer work integration support for those who need it more, young people.

Do you want to know how it went the last social commitment action in our Malaga hotel? Keep reading and discover how these young people took their first steps in their path to the professional world.

Work Integration Support Through Cooking: Social Commitment Actions

In 2017, a group of young people successfully took part in the organization of a Charity dinner in our Malaga hotel, and this year the cooperation between Malaga Premium Hotel and the Arrabal-AID Association has helped a group of young people to continue their training as kitchen assistants.

Almost twenty young people who look for work integration support gathered with the Premium Group’s chef to take a real cooking master class.

With this social commitment action by Premium Group and the Arrabal-AID Association, young people who look for their opportunity in the job market could talk to the chef Mario Rosado, not only about cooking, but also about his beginnings. He also declared that it is possible to achieve great success in the hospitality industry in Malaga with effort, passion and dedication.

After the conversation and the remark, the time came to roll up their sleeves and take their places behind the stoves. Young people from the Arrabal-AID Association took orders from the chef to finish and serve some of their creations.

Social Commitment and Premium Group

Since the beginnings of Premium Group, social commitment actions with our environment are not a duty, but a demand. We believe in the need of promoting social development and work integration support.

Our downtown Malaga hotel is focused on people, that is why we repeteadly contribute with this type of programmes. We train people and offer opportunities to gain professional experience, which is very necessary in the job market today.

As always, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Arrabal-AID Association and this group of young people, who looks forward to the fascinating and demanding world of cooking. We wish you great success in your future career!

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