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You probably know that the leisure programme Preambulo of Grupo Premium is comprehensive since it offers endless options: gourmet gastronomic or musical events, tastings, visits to our facilities, and cooking shows, among others. The weekend is closing in, and the proposals are very appealing. Interesting, isn’t it? Keep reading to stay tuned for all the news, particularly those of our Bendito restaurant.

Benditos jueves: Confesiones del chef: The Latest Cooking Show of Grupo Premium

show cooking en malaga con aclamado chef en el restaurante bendito

One of our most outstanding gourmet events of the past few days is Chef’s Confessions. This accurately depicts the trendy concept of a cooking show or live culinary demonstration, which takes place every Thursday at Bendito.

A cooking show in Malaga city centre that is great for food lovers or as a gift gourmet experience! It’s an intimate and low-capacity culinary event The chef will congregate at the Bendito bar for no more than 5 guests and the dinner will be cooked on the fly so that the diners can experience first-hand all combinations, textures and secrets of the most delicious recipes. The menu consists of fresh and local products from Malaga, those that we can easily get at the supermarket. After such as cooking show you’ll surely appreciate and taste even more every single bit.

horario de show cooking los jueves en el restaurante bendito de málaga

Note, however, that since this is an exclusive gourmet experience, you must book beforehand and be there by 9 p.m. The menu includes 4 savoury dishes and a dessert. The rest will be in the hands of Bendito and our chef Mario Rosado. Isn’t this an excellent gift idea? Experience it yourself! You just have to come to Malaga and let yourself be carried away.

BocARTE: the Gourmet Happiness Within 2 Pieces of Bread

Suppose you are more into something simpler and more traditional but with the creative touch of Grupo Premium. In that case, you are lucky: we offer gourmet experiences for all tastes this month. Be ready! Bendito BocARTE will be waiting for you from February 23 to March 4 with a highly varied selection, including off-the-menu sandwiches. To create these delicacies, our chef has been inspired by a simple yet essential concept: a sandwich is a piece of bread opened in half with some stuffing inside, but nowadays it has become an icon of traditional and urban food in every country, so it ¡has become a really demanded “snack.”

With our Sandwiches from Bendito, you will discover what happiness and, more importantly, life is all about. The selection suits a wide range of palates, and although a sandwich may be somewhat “low-key”, our gourmet experience offers you elaborate pieces with exotic touches. Dare to taste our Batbout, filled with lamb kebab, grilled cheese and black oregano. Maybe, you prefer trying something more local to get immersed in our tradition, such as the Campero malagueño, made of roast chicken chimichurry of the Axarquía region and mayonnaise in its juice. The better you surround yourself, the brighter your day gets, doesn’t it? The same goes for the ingredients of sandwiches. Choose the best, and you will enjoy an explosion of flavours, contrasts, and textures. Simplicity can also mean gourmet food. In addition, you don’t need to book beforehand to come and taste the sandwiches.

show cooking de bocadillos en málaga capital
menú de show cooking de bocadillos malagueños

Feel free to ask us for information about any events or make your reservation by calling 951 902 984 or emailing Furthermore, for the cooking show Confesiones del chef, you can book a spot for yourself and your partners by filling in this online form:

Venture into one of the most unforgettable gastronomic experiences or share it as a gift with someone else. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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