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Recycled Products: One of Our Hotels in Malaga Joins Sustainability

The recycled products are an increasing trend more and more popular in the hospitality sector. In one of our hotels in Malaga we are worried about the environment as well as our clients, therefore we always agree with any change that benefits the society and our guests. Through plastic recycling and other residues, we engaged some time ago to collaborate with this cause. This way we can improve our surroundings as far as possible! Would you like to know all the details about the actions we took related to carton, glass and paper recycling?

Recycled Products, Our Engagement with the Planet at One of the Best Hotels in Malaga

The hotels in downtown Malaga, such as Malaga Premium Hotel, take seriously the use of recycled products and the care of the environment; that is the reason why we wanted to collaborate with companies related to plastic, carton, glass and paper recycling. We joined the philosophy of thinking in green! For instance, Ecovidrio is a non-profit organization responsible for managing glass recycling while raising awareness among the citizens about recycling and the use of recycled products in our daily routine.

Our hotel, one of the best-located hotels in Malaga, collaborates with Recisur, a company that mostly works in Andalusia and on paper and carton recycling to turn them into fully usable recycled products. The charm of giving a second chance! Besides, we have the honour of collaborating with Discoil, managers of residues for oil recycling and processing in order to turn them into sustainable biodiesel. Thanks to these companies, one of our hotels in Malaga has been leading the participation in the use of recycled products, the fight against climate change and the responsible consumption among the establishments of the Grupo Premium.

Fully Recycled Products with the Sustainable Philosophy of One of Our Hotels in Malaga

The implementation of recycled products in one of our hotels in Malaga was a complete success. To start with, we changed the room’s amenities to follow an eco-friendly line that respects the environment. The toiletries for beauty care and hygiene have been manufactured with rosehip extract, they do not have parabens and its containers have been designed following the guide of plastic recycling. So much so that we have packaged items in paper for everything to be sustainable.

As you might expect, recycled products are also part of our Bendito restaurant: we have renewed ourselves with the casual food’s concept and our Bakery Coffee and we have implemented changes such as our takeaway packages made from bagasse. This natural waste from the sugar cane is a demanded product since it is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Find out our variety of recycled products at one of our hotels in Malaga and join our respectful philosophy with the environment. Visit us while helping the planet!

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