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Our Malaga Restaurant: The Right Place to Find The Recipe for Happiness

Our Malaga restaurant is known for offering amazing haute cuisine flavours, but also for creating a great atmosphere that cheers anyone up. It seems that we found the recipe for happiness… That’s right! From the 26th of March to the 21th of April you will find at our Malaga restaurant a selection of ingredients that are soothing for the soul at any time of the day. Jot down the dates on your agenda!

Our Malaga Restaurant Is Up to Date with Our Recipe for Happiness

Our Malaga restaurant is specialised in haute cuisine and our clients notice that every time they taste each one of our dishes. Besides, most of our success is due to the effort behind every recipe and the careful selection of every single ingredient. In order to surprise and improve our client’s mood, we’ve done some research on different sorts of foods that can help us discover the recipe for happiness and, as you can imagine, we’ve elaborated a menu with some of them.

It’s impossible to talk about the recipe for happiness without mentioning spicy food. Thanks to the capsaicin compound, our brain releases endorphins and that’s what you’re going to experience with our starters. In our selection of haute cuisine dishes, we offer you flavours from the sea, like the Lima-Sardine-Tomato chile, from the land, like the Ricotta and banana sauce nem, and from the river, with the Macarons of walnuts and sausage style trout. Delicious!

Our Malaga Restaurant: The Selection of Happy Haute Cuisine Ingredients

At our Malaga restaurant we chose ingredients with thiamine, potassium and omega-3 and omega-6 acids for you to enjoy the real recipe for happiness with every bite. The fantastic Roasted duck and cherries risotto generates serotonin, a neurotransmitter that interacts with our parasympathetic nervous system and helps us reduce our heart rate. Thus making us feel happier! On the other hand, the complete Roasted pork shoulder, creamy chickpeas, avocado and red mojo of toast walnuts gives you potassium, which is necessary to avoid diseases like hypertension or diabetes. Thanks to omega-3 acids, it improves your blood flow and makes you feel more relaxed.

But the recipe for happiness doesn’t end here! The dessert is crucial for us to feel good after a meal, so say hello to our Hazelnut smiley and cocoa and pineapple. As its name suggests, this dish will make you smile but wait until you try it out… Have you ever been told that chocolate has aphrodisiac properties? Well, the reason is that theobromine, a stimulating substance, causes similar reactions to having sex in our brain, and that increases our serotonin levels. The very best for this special menu’s climax!

Exquisite Pairing And Haute Cuisine at Our Centric Malaga Restaurant

At our Malaga restaurant we’ve have every single detail figured out! For a small additional cost, you can enjoy a wonderful pairing with our haute cuisine dishes.

Have you ever tried a pairing with cocktails? Imagine a non-alcoholic drink with green apple, lime and peppermint… That’s what we call a refreshing cocktail! The apple helps you keep your energy and improve your mood. The touch of lime activates the immune system and the right amount of peppermint will relax you immediately. Even your memory can benefit from this drink! This way you won’t forget this fabulous Premium experience. Furthermore, our Malaga restaurant has an impressive wine offer available for pairing: the fruity Libalis Rosado, the Two Ocean’s with its exotic flavour and our sweet wine from Malaga, a classic that is usually served with dessert.

Find out the recipe for happiness with us and the enjoy the secrets of this Premium experience in the heart of Malaga with the arrival of spring. We’ll be waiting for you… with a big smile!

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