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The Chillout Terrace at Málaga Premium Hotel Welcomes Lucio Romero

Our gastronomic hotel keeps surprising. This time the star is our chillout terrace, La Terraza de San Juan, which has the honour of welcoming the great local actor Lucio Romero and taking part in his documentary “Mi querida calle San Juan”. We are proud to have participated in this beautiful project that commemorates our amazing city and its beautiful San Juan street. Do you want to know more? Keep reading and don’t wait until somebody tells you about it.

Lucio Romero and His Documentary “Mi querida calle San Juan”

Lucio Romero is currently the most veteran working Spanish actor and is considered a pioneer of Malaga’s artistic emigration. Lucio began his career at the early age of 15, followed by a long professional career in the world of cinema. Throughout his documentary “Mi querida calle San Juan”, the actor narrates his childhood and youth and aims to honour Malaga, the city in which he developed his love for cinema.

Lucio Romero recalls moving events of his childhood and tells in detail what life was like in his beloved San Juan street. In addition, he also explains how important the world of cinema has always been for Malaga, with such emblematic places the old Cinema Alcázar, currently disappeared. Because Malaga has hosted several theatres and cinemas throughout its history and has always enjoyed an incredibly theatrical, cinematographic and cultural activity.

The Chillout Terrace at Málaga Premium Hotel: Live an Amazing Premium Experience

Considering the beautiful and hidden history of San Juan street, it is not surprising that Lucio Romero and the director Daniel Sanchidrián have chosen our chillout terrace as one of the settings of their documentary. The quiet atmosphere of La Terraza de San Juan makes it the ideal place to interview an actor as beloved in our city as Lucio Romero. Moreover, we are lucky to have the best views of the beautiful San Juan Church, the spectacular Cathedral and the breathtaking mountains surrounding Malaga.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover the astonishing views of our chillout terrace, follow in Lucio’s footsteps and don’t wait any longer. Because in addition to the relaxed atmosphere, the extraordinary landscape and the pleasant temperatures of the city of Malaga, on La Terraza de San Juan you can also enjoy delicious cocktails prepared by our experts. What are you waiting for to live this amazing Premium experience? Feel like a real film star at La Terraza de San Juan!

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