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Platos de primavera en Yubá y Bendito

Malaga Restaurants: Discover the Spring Menu of our Hotels in Malaga

Looking for Malaga restaurants where you can taste this season’s flavours? We have a new spring menu waiting for you at Yuba and Bendito: the amazing restaurants at our hotels in Malaga. At our gastronomic hotel, spring is not only in the air… but also in the kitchen! Try our new culinary proposals and live a unique experience every time you visit us.

On top of that, our hotel room service will be at your disposal very soon: enjoy great sushi, a wide variety of drinks and our delicious cocktails without leaving your room! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Yuba: One of our Malaga Restaurants with the Best of International Cuisine

Yuba is synonym with fusion cuisine: our intense flavours will transport you from one end of the world to the other one in just one bite. So, if you are passionate about international cuisine, let our new spring menu broaden your palate horizons!

Start with something to share, such as our Pork nem cha gio with curry and oyster mayonnaise or our Flambé taco with squid tempura, fruits kimchee and crispy algae with wasabi. Then, try our Sea bass with shea butter over lukewarm aubergines zaalouk or our Lacquered billy goat pie with hazelnut praline and wheat stew… Very pleasing to the palate! And if you prefer something lighter, go for our salads, such as our Marinated salmon belly, tamarillo, edamame and sugared sesame.

New Menu at YubaTo put the cherry on top of your Spring lunch or dinner, you cannot leave one of our sweatiest hotels in Malaga without trying our delicious desserts, such us our Goat milk ricotta and pear cake or our White chocolate-plankton-red Bull. Mmm… Can you feel them melting in your mouth?

Bendito: New Spring Menu with Street-food Style

Looking for Malaga restaurants with the finest street-food? Bendito is the place to go. Experience our cuisine with Asian touches and enjoy the best sushi. Let yourself be carried away by this joyful season and don’t miss out our succulent Spring menu!

Start having a snack, such as our Baked sliced brie cheese with ham, caramelised onion and red berries or our Kaarage chicken with Japanese mayo. Then, go for Our own Cuban sandwich or our Teriyaki salmon with wok veggies. If you look for great sushi, don’t think twice and try our Tempura tiger prawn with strawberries kimchie niguiri aburi, our Steak tartare with truffle gunkan our our Spicy sirloin and foie gras maki. Tempting… right? Moreover, if you feel hungry for more, you can also order our sushi to take away!

New Menu at BenditoBut that’s not all! Leaving our gastronomic hotel without trying our amazing desserts would be a crime… What about our Hazelnut and almonds dome with passion fruit sorbet? Irresistible!

New Hotel Room Service at our Gastronomic Hotel

Not only we have new menus waiting for you at our Malaga restaurants, but also we have a new hotel room service!

If you book one of our cosy rooms and you feel so tired that you prefer to have lunch or dinner comfortably in bed or on the sofa, don’t worry, we have the solution: you could enjoy our delicious dishes in your own room very soon. Our hotel room service will make it possible to have a delicious cocktail or great sushi without leaving your room!

Room Service MenuClick on the image to see the menu


There are no excuses, enjoy now the best season of the year with the palate at Malaga Premium Hotel!

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