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International Dishes: Travelling With Friends And a 4-Hand Menu In Our Restaurant In Malaga

Are you crazy about the international dishes of our Yubá restaurant? Congratulations! Our restaurant in Malaga initiates a new gastronomic tour Travelling with Friends with this international 4-hand menu. In that way we begin our particular worldwide tour with friends invited to cook their most selected and exotic dishes in our kitchens.

On this occasion and as a starting point for this trip, the chef of Yubá has invited Matteo Manzato of Venetiss Restaurant, who stands out for his creative Italian-Spanish signature cuisine. Keep reading to find out the peculiarities of this menu with international dishes. Only in the first gastronomic hotel in Malaga.

International menu “Travelling with Friends”

On September 19, at Malaga Yubá restaurant, you can enjoy the first dinner of the chef’s meeting tour Travelling with Friends. On occasion of this opening event, 60 fortunate diners could enjoy the gastronomic creations of the chefs Mario Rosado and Matteo Manzato.

Our Malaga restaurant’s chef doesn’t need introduction. He is the author of all your Yubá favourite dishes and was in charge of the showcooking of our dinner anniversary. Matteo Manzato leads Venetiis Restaurant kitchen, where he offers Mediterranean Italian-Spanish fusion cuisine. Those ingredients assure first-rate international menu.

The trip we prepared in Yubá by the hands of our friend Manzato consists of two starters, two main courses and two desserts and it introduces influences from French and Italian cuisine.

Among the starters, we find Reversed Wellington Sirloin and Malaga’s Sardine with Venetian flavours. And this is just a sample of what the chefs are capable of. The main courses will make your mouth watering. Royal Rabbit in its juice with chocolate and aniseed touches, or Malaga’s young goat crunchy lasagne and Montes de Málaga cheese. Intense and bold chocolate flavour and anise or tradition and fusion of Italian and Malaga flavours?

After the chefs’ introduction, you know what to expect from the desserts… However, the re-interpretation of those classics by the hands of Mario and Matteo will surprise you. Pannacotta, Limoncello cream and Genoese sponge cake and Venetiis style Tiramisú.

4-Hand International Dishes In Our Restaurant In Malaga

If you join in for this flavour trip on September 19 in Yuba restaurant’s Malaga Premium Hotel, remember: only 60 diners could taste the Rosado-Manzato international menu. Besides, you can complete your menu with the perfect pairing proposed by our sommelier team.

Call us at 951 90 29 85 or send an email to to make the reservation for you and your companions. But remember, this is just the first scale of the Travelling with Friends tour. If you can’t make a reservation, you have the opportunity to join our travel in the next scale. We will be waiting for you!

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