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Our hotel in Malaga, since its beginnings, has engaged in various social commitment programs and has worked closely with various associations in order to increase the employability of young people who need it most. And this time it wasn’t going to be any different! Our Malaga restaurant, in collaboration with the Asociación Arrabal, has organized a cooking course of 220 hours for a group of ten young people who have had the opportunity to learn from great chefs. Do you want to know more? Let’s go!

Very Comprehensive Cooking Classes for Students from the Asociación Arrabal

The Premium Group has contributed within the framework of the Incorpora Programme, which facilitates the integration of people at risk of social exclusion into the job market and is sponsored by La Caixa, Cajasol Foundation and the Asociación Arrabal. A group of ten students from the association have been chosen to learn a wide variety of culinary contents from great chefs such as Roberto Nieves (chef owner of Food and famous), Antonia Ortega (chef at La Milla Marbella), Daniel Guerrero (sommelier), Javier Campos and Mario Rosado (chef and executive chef of Yubá and Bendito).

Roberto Nieves (chef propietario de food and famous), Antonia Ortega (jefa de cocina de la Milla de Marbella), Daniel Guerrero (sumiller), Javier Campos y Mario Rosado (jefe de cocina y chef ejecutivo de Yubá y Bendito).During these cooking classes in Malaga, not only have they had the opportunity to learn a lot from the experience of our chefs, but they have also acquired various technical and transversal contents from the world of cooking. For instance, types of cuts, gastronomic glossaries, cooking methods, bakery units, broths, sauces, meats and fish, as well as many ways of organising a professional kitchen.

However, the chefs of our Malaga restaurant Yubá also wanted to provide some transversal contents that are necessary to achieve culinary excellence. Thus, the students from the Asociación Arrabal have learned to work as a team, resolving conflicts and focusing on the results. Besides, they have developed skills such as self-confidence, initiative, branding and personal image and the active search for employment.

Our Malaga Restaurant Puts the Finishing Touch to its Cooking Classes

Curso de cocina Asociación Arrabal y YubáAs you know, no cooking classes can be complete without a hands-on part and many companies have offered to collaborate in this project. At Premium Group we wanted to take part with three of our restaurants: Yubá, Batik and La Fábrica, and each one of them will be at the students’ disposal to teach them everything they need to become real chefs. Not bad at all, right?

And as all good things come to an end, the closing ceremony of these cooking classes in Malaga took place on 19 November. During this act, we could see a summary video of our students’ achievements and listened to some of their experiences. We also had the interventions of José Manuel Montalvo, representing the Premium Group, and Mario Rosado, as a teacher. But there was more than that! After the diplomas were handed out, the students prepared four delicious snacks along the lines of “surprise your guests this Christmas”: Tuna confit with kabayaki and peach gazpacho, avocado wrapped in corn with prawns to sweet chipotle chili, skewer of sautéed zamburiñas on creamy parmesan reggiano, as well as mini powder and puff pastry. Some delicacies worthy of great chefs!

Creación de platos en el curso de cocina de Asociación Arrabal y YubáIn short, these cooking classes, held in our Malaga restaurant Yubá, have been the perfect occasion to collaborate with the Asociación Arrabal and this group of young people who look forward to the fascinating and demanding world of cooking. From our hotel in Malaga, we wish you great success in your future career!

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