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Holy Week in Malaga 2019 – A Divine Experience at our Restaurants in Malaga

Holy Week in Malaga 2019 is closer every day… At our Malaga restaurants, these days are really special, as they let us enjoy their excellent location and the most sacred tradition in the city. Like every year, this Holy Week in Malaga 2019 will be an event that attracts the attention of all art, culture and history lovers. And at our Malaga restaurants we are getting ready for it! Besides, it is a unique opportunity to discover in depth the most fascinating details of downtown Malaga. Come and live it with us!

Booking your Malaga Accommodation for the Holy Week in Malaga 2019

The Holy Week of Malaga 2019 comes together with the spring atmosphere that everyone is already feeling in the city and causes the same effect: joy, emotion and energy all around! During this week, Malaga brings on parade historical sculptures of great artistic value, through the main streets of the old town to form a procession with music bands and Nazarenes. Religious symbolism everywhere! For more than 500 years, Malaga’s Holy Week has celebrated in style and this time it was not going to be any less.

At our gastro-hotel we will always be by your side during this event, either to offer you the best of meals at our Malaga restaurants or a great stay if you make your booking in Malaga next to places as emblematic as the Church of San Juan. Also, if you want to find accommodation in Malaga that allows you to enjoy each of the sculptures and parades during the Holy Week in Malaga 2019… Our gastro-hotel is the solution!

Holy Week of Malaga 2019 Invades us with Fraternal Spirit at Our Restaurants in Malaga

The Holy Week 2019 is also a good time to relax and fully enjoy every detail that takes place during this magnificent celebration. For this reason, the restaurants in Malaga at our gastro-hotel are filled with festive and spring spirit and propose a special opening time so that you only have to concentrate on spending a superb week.

After an intense day walking the streets during the Holy Week in Malaga 2019, you’ll need a rest. Our Bendito restaurant in Málaga extends its weekend opening hours to Palm Sunday, Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. If what you are really looking for is a gastro-hotel where you can enjoy an excellent executive menu, from Monday to Wednesday you will have it at your disposal in our restaurant in Malaga. Of course, our exquisite restaurant Yubá in Málaga also joins this popular party with uninterrupted opening hours during Palm Sunday, Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

Holy Week in Malaga 2019 is best lived with a parade maps in hand and a place to go when you need to make a stop along the day. You won’t need to confess, we already know what you are thinking: our gastronomic hotel is an accommodation in Malaga that, thanks to its excellent location and varied dishes, gives you the possibility to stay in the very heart of this city to enjoy its tradition as never before. Call us on +34 952 634741 or send us an email to so that you can book your table or room for the Holy Week 2019.

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